Moving On From The Basics: How To Use Suspended Chords

Taking on a new instrument is a huge challenge. It’s easy to become discouraged and cast the instrument aside, wishing that you’d started when you were younger. After all, you’d be a pro by now if you had. But don’t become disheartened. Learning any new instrument takes time and you have to be patient. Accept that you will have to move forward in baby steps and don’t try to rush the process. Master every single step before trying to storm ahead onto the next one. This will ensure that everything you do play is perfect. Remember, an accurately executed piece of simple music is always better than a roughly performed piece of complex music. So, seeing as you’re reading this post, we’re going to assume that your instrument of choice is the guitar. Back in 1962, a small band formed in Liverpool. They were told that guitar music was on its way out. But they proved the world wrong. These individuals went on to become the Beatles, one of the greatest bands in music history. They never received any formal musical education, but still went on to conquer the world in just under a decade. So, if four lads from the North of England can do it, who’s to say that you can’t too? Once you’ve got the basics under wraps, here are the next steps on your musical journey.

Suspended Chords

So, you’ve worked out how to play basic chords. This is great! But the next step you need to take is learning suspended chords. You may not have even heard of this term, but don’t worry. Picking them up is relatively simple. When musicians “suspend” they delay the resolution of the sound that their instrument is making. Playing guitar relies on the creation of tension and the consequent release: this is what makes the sound. However, the release can be delayed, exaggerating the sound of tension from the guitar’s strings and creating a whole new sound. This, however, is by no means a new discovery. The suspension technique is used frequently in popular music. It has entered the mainstream and is no longer an experimental technique. So, to become an accomplished player you’re going to have to learn how to use them. For expert guidance, check out Bold Music. Professionals here will be able to explain the two major types of suspended chords and train you to both play them and incorporate them into your own music effectively.

Using suspended chords will allow you to both expand your skills and increase your knowledge of your instrument. The more you know about the guitar, the easier you will find it to write perfect songs, as you will be able to throw in suspended chords whenever necessary to create bold and appealing pieces of music. Master this technique before moving on. Then you can start to explore more intense tricks, such as guitar licks and riffs, employing a capo, major and minor pentatonic and modulation. You’ll be creating astounding tracks in no time.

Moving On From The Basics: How To Use Suspended Chords 3
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Moving On From The Basics: How To Use Suspended Chords 5

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