It’s A Lifestyle Change, Not A Crash Diet

Losing weight can be a daunting thought for anyone that’s unhappy with their current weight. Whether it’s 8 or 80 pounds you need to lose, following these tips will melt the fat away, in the best way possible.

Cutting out or at least reducing sugary foods will do your waistline the world of good. When the body has no use for the extra sugar you’re putting into your body, it stores it. That is how we gain weight. Also, if you’re regularly consuming a lot of food with a high sugar content in it, you’re putting yourself at risk of diabetes, heart failure and many other ailments.

If you have a sweet tooth, try having some fruit instead of a bar of chocolate. Not only are the calories significantly reduced, but the fruit will give your body nutrients it needs at the same time. Fruit is also better for your teeth and skin because it has less impurities than chocolate.

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If you’re more of a savoury person and enjoy gorging on packets of crisps and pastry goods, unfortunately you too will have to break that habit. These foods are very high in calories and are often cooked in oil or butter, and often have additives to enhance the flavors. As an alternative, you could try breadsticks and a low fat dip to give your taste the satisfaction.

Working in an office often means that you’re having cups of tea and coffee all day long. Think about the sugar you’re adding to it and whether you really need it. Switch to skimmed milk to keep your calorie intake down or have black tea or coffee. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, try a herbal skinny tea to sip on throughout the day. They’re totally organic and will help keep you hydrated.

When it comes to dinner time, remember to make sure that you have a balanced meal. If you’ve not managed to get all of your five a day in beforehand, try to get them into your dinner. Not only do the nutrients do the body many favors, but vegetables tend to be much lower in calories than any other food that will be on your plate. If you’re filling up on vegetables, you are bound to see the scales drop!

Exercise is a great way to ensure that you drop the pounds too, all while keeping your body fit and limber. If you suffer with joint pain, consider taking up swimming. The water will take the pressure off your painful joint and relieve the pain while you can exercise and build up your muscles strength. One bonus of swimming, is that it’s a very enjoyable sport so often, you won’t even realize you’re ‘exercising,’ as such.

Unfortunately, whilst fad diets may work for short term weight loss, as soon as you start eating properly again you will gain weight. Losing weight slowly and healthily will ensure that the weight stays off. It’s a lifestyle change, not a crash diet.

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