Top 10 Coolest Inventions Ever

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The Coolest and the Most Recent Inventions in Technology

The progress never stops. These days, it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next. Will we find a water substitute? Will we learn to fly? Or will someone create a device so tiny that we won’t even be able to see it?

The future holds exciting things, that’s for sure. Some of them are incredibly helpful and extremely complex, other inventions are just for fun, and some of them might even seem stupid to someone. Whatever the case is, scientists and inventors don’t stop surprising us, using their intellect and imagination to create new things and thinking of innovative ideas that can help us improve the world we are living in.

Some of these inventions have only just come to the surface, others are already in active use, but it’s important to know about them. Let’s take a look at the most awesome and the most recent devices, ideas, and inventions.

Solar Windows

Solar panels on the roof? Nah, that’s outdated. Solar panels in the windows – that’s a new step we are going to take. Are they transparent like glass? Yes. Will they be able to power your phone? Yes!

The new invention came from Netherlands where it was first used by Rabobank, the biggest one in the country. The success of solar windows was so big that now other buildings are already in line to try this technology out.

Micro Robots That Fight Cancer

Scientists have been working on manipulating the magnetic forces for more than a decade. Finally, they feel like it can be used to treat cancer. Special microscopic robots were designed, which are controlled magnetically and can destroy cancer cells.

Thanks to the magnetic fields, the scientists will be able to control whole swarms of robots simultaneously, which means cancer cells will have a decent opponent. Moreover, scientists have learned how to control each micro robot individually, so in the future, they will be able to perform extremely complicated and specific tasks inside the human body.

Fabrics from the Future

People have been producing textiles for ages. But in the 21st century, everything moves to a whole new level. Right now, scientists are actively working on a new type of fabrics, which will be used as a soft and flexible exoskeleton for people with disabilities.

The new fabric can be worn under regular clothes and will help people walk, monitor their health, and even collect power from the environment, for example, the sun. This invention is a huge step, which will help the disabled, the elderly, and people recovering from surgeries or injuries.

Streets That Use Your Steps as Energy

If you enjoy jogging or long walks, one day you will be able to power the entire street with all its lights. For now, you can try this in London: there’s a special street lined with special tiles, which are able to harvest energy from people’s steps.

The technology will spread over time and will occupy more and more cities. It’s a great method to receive energy in a unique, alternative way.

Another New Step for Smartphones

Smartphones these days are so extremely smart that you can connect them to pretty much anything: your watch, your doorbell, your fridge, and even your jewelry. But the brains behind all these innovations aren’t going to stop. Soon you will be able to connect your smartphone to your contact lenses.

The lenses will send data to your phone by converting the Bluetooth signal into Wi-Fi signals. This will allow you to monitor your health through your phone, for example, the levels of blood sugar (which can be measured with the help of your tears).

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Teleportation sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Hate to disappoint you, but scientists haven’t yet found a way to teleport people from one place to another. Instead, they managed to teleport a packet of information to the satellite in orbit.

The starting point was in Tibet, from where they beamed the quantum state of a photon into space. Now, it’s not as exciting as teleporting humans, but it’s another huge step towards the future where we will be able to go to work without being stuck in traffic and simply by clicking a couple of buttons on our wristwatches.

Self-Driving Trucks

Nobody is surprised by self-driving cars anymore, but how about self-driving trucks? Multiple companies are working on this technology, which means that millions of truck drivers might lose their jobs in the future.

But that’s not all. Self-driving trucks will be an innovation in the delivery and transportation sphere. Here’s what they won’t do (which truck drivers often do):

  • stop to have some rest
  • sleep behind the wheel
  • drink coffee
  • talk on the phone
  • stop to get dinner

Self-driving trucks will complete their routes sooner, save on fuel, and be able to take longer routes.

The Tiniest Camera

Thin like paper, lens-free, tiny camera is a new step in photography (or spying). It’s so small that it can be hidden pretty much anywhere, from fabric to your watch or glasses. It can zoom in and take wide angle photos. It even has a fish eye feature!

The way it works is very elegant and smart: the camera collects light waves, sends them to a chip where they are being converted into electrical signals and sent to the sensor. The researchers who are behind this invention state that they won’t stop there. They will increase the resolution, allowing the camera to be used to take pictures from space.

Real-Life Transformer

It doesn’t look like Bumblebee and doesn’t transform that fast, but it does exist. A Turkish company made a functional, real-life Transformer prototype from a BMW. It can be controlled remotely and it’s called Letrons. Letrons can’t walk yet, it only drives and unfolds. But the company states that with some funding, their Transformer will definitely learn to walk.

Who knows, maybe this will lead to further inventions. And one day you will have your own Transformer who will drive you to work in the morning and then help you fix the roof in the evening.

3D Movies Without 3D Glasses

3D glasses can be big and uncomfortable, and they might even irritate your nose bridge. That’s why the new Cinema 3D technology will probably become a breakthrough for the movie industry and a great gift for all movie lovers.

This technology will allow people to watch movies in 3D without wearing glasses. We will be able to enjoy good movies from any seat, and the picture quality will be the same for any viewer. Of course, this technology will take some time to reach regular cinemas, but it won’t take too long.

Theoretically, in 5 years we will be able to enjoy movies without 3D glasses in every local cinema. Right now, this technology is already present in some TVs and home cinema systems, which only proves how fast it is developing.

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