Applied Analysis: 4 Ways Modern Healthcare is Continuing to Improve

New medical research often makes the headlines as scientists make progress with new technologies and treatments. The future is coming faster than expected with 3-D printers creating body parts and prosthetics that can function at a thought. However, the one technology driving all of this is better computing power. Data analysis is a highly valued skill. It allows you to discover patterns and predict outcomes from huge amounts of data. Here are just some of the ways in which data analysis is making strides in healthcare.

Genomic Fingerprint

There are over 30,000 genes in each cell. Genetic science is very much dependent on computer analysis and modeling. Today, doctors can identify genes associated with certain traits. They can determine which medicines and treatments are most likely to work for you, and which to avoid. But genetic analysis is also helping us to learn more about threats like viruses and even cancer cells. By categorizing and understanding these threats at a genetic level, physicians are finding better and faster ways to eliminate them with minimal risk to the patient.

Clinical Integration

Physicians that work in small clinics, specialty facilities, and other limited environments may not have access to all the tools and technologies available to best care for patients. These shortcomings can lead to incorrect diagnoses and ineffective treatment of your health issues. The medical industry’s solution to this is integrated care between facilities. Medical facilities can take part in coordinated systems that share information and analyze patient experiences across multiple facilities. Integration has reduced emergency room visits by 23 percent.

Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral science is the study of human actions and relationships, often incorporating psychology and sociology among other disciplines. What you learn about human behavior, influences, and consequences is important in many fields. In the medical community, monitoring and analysis of these constant interactions leads to insights that can provide more efficient and effective care of patients, as well better utilization of personnel.

Digital Monitoring

The anesthesiologist plays a vital role in many healthcare procedures. While the surgeon operates, the anesthesiologist monitors your vital signs to ensure that you stay anesthetized while spotting any potentially harmful physiological reactions. With modern digital communication, this information is also available to the doctor over computer displays, usually with touch-screen controls to access different information. The data, good or bad, is recorded for later analysis to optimize performance in future surgeries.

Some extraordinary ideas are being developed by research scientists. In both labs and hospitals, data analysis is essential to producing better solutions.

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Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Kara works with educators to help students achieve advanced degrees in fields such as applied behavioral analysis.

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