T-Mobile Helps the Planet with its Recycle and Trade-In Programs

T-Mobile, known as America’s “Un-carrier” due to its mission to defy standard mobile service practices in the interests of their customers, has taken on the role of giving back to Mother Nature. It’s JUMP! Program encourages proper recycling of devices, and even better, trade-in options that uphold the highest standards. The device reuse-and-recycle initiative is just one of many environment-conscience programs that T-Mobile has implemented to do their part in reducing the overall carbon footprint of the business and their customers that participate.

JUMP! Into Helping the Planet

The JUMP! Program stems on the belief that it is eco-friendlier to reuse than recycle. T-Mobile encourages customers to trade in their old devices with the no-hassle upgrade program for money that could be used towards the purchase of a new device. Customers simply drop off their used device in store or send by mail and T-Mobile takes it from there to be refurbished with the highest standards. It’s a win-win situation because you get cash from taking an easy action to trade in and someone else gets to enjoy the phone you once owned. T-Mobile reuses and resells 86% of the devices that are traded in and responsibly recycles the remaining through providers that have industry-leading environmental certifications.

If you prefer to recycle, then T-Mobile can lend a hand and wants to. The company launched its recycling program in order to make sure customers had the option to take proper recycling measures. Approximately 90% of cell phones end up in landfills, according to the EPA, and when this happens, it poses potential harm to the environment. Recycling cell phones helps prevent pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and conserves precious metals so that they can be used again.

How to JUMP! In

Before you participate in JUMP! trade-in program you need to know how to restart your iPhone or smart device. Be sure to erase your personal data from the phone, including photos, messages, address book and notes. Then, disable the activation lock and anti-theft settings and remove a SIM card if your device has one. Finally, restore the factory settings on the device. If you don’t clear all personal information, T-Mobile will ultimately wipe clean all personal user content, but by doing it yourself, you can ensure that your data is secure.

For those on the other end, wanting to purchase a refurbished phone, you can have confidence in what you’re getting. T-Mobile’s Certified Pre-Owned program ensures that each reused phone meets the highest quality standards so that customers are receiving a fully featured and functioning smartphone at an affordable price. It’s sold over 1.4 million refurbished cell phones under the guidelines of the program since 2013.

T-Mobile Constantly Going Green

JUMP! is just one of the many go-green initiatives T-Mobile is proud of. The company recently signed a long-term agreement with the Red Dirt wind project in Oklahoma, the largest wind power investment ever made by a U.S. wireless company. The partnership will ultimately increase power efficiency for company operations, retail stores, call centers and network operations. Additionally, for this year’s Earth Day, T-Mobile gave a free tree away to any customer who wanted to plant one with the Treecycler reforestation project. And to further encourage reducing the carbon footprint, T-Mobile gave their customers $5 off Lyft Line ridesharing to promote an eco-friendly way of getting around.

With so many planet-friendly initiatives in the works, T-Mobile falls into the category of big brands, including Nike, GE and Tesla, that lead the go-green movement by example. By helping their customers reuse and recycle, both the customer and company benefit, along with the environment. These major moves that work to benefit the planet make the brand a leader in the race to save Mother Earth.

T-Mobile Helps the Planet with its Recycle and Trade-In Programs 3
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T-Mobile Helps the Planet with its Recycle and Trade-In Programs 5

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