7 Tips For Landing Your Dream Tech Job

Of all the fields that people wish they had gone into when they younger, none is common than ‘information technology.’ And with good reason. The industry is already massive as it stands, but the best is yet to come. While some other fields are facing hard times, IT continues to grow and grow and will continue to do up until the point humankind no longer needs tech. Which is to say, probably never. If you’re a newbie or trying to kick on in your career, take a look at our seven ways you can land your dream job in IT.

Hone Your Skills

We’re not trying to say that other fields are dominated by “fraudsters,” those who can talk a big game and don’t have to back it with demonstrated results, but in the IT business, you really do need to show that you can do the things you say you can do. That’s why it’s always a good idea to be continually learning and improving the skills you have. Also, while it’s not essential that you have a four-year degree under your belt, it’s recommended that you have some qualification, as this will be required get you in the front door with many companies.

Your Other Skills

There was probably once upon a time when it was enough for an IT expert to simply be able to do their job well. Not quite so much anymore. As tech is such an integral part of a company, those in charge of it are pretty important members of the team, and as such need to be able to have the wider skills essential to working in a corporate environment. Communication, problem solving, organization, and so on: it’s all important!


If you want to land your dream job in tech, then you better get pretty skilled at the art of networking, because this is how many jobs are found and filled. You’ll still have to interview and go through the formal hiring process, but simply getting your foot in the door is half the battle. And the ones who open the door ajar for you are…somewhere out there. Get used to chatting with people, both online and offline, and you might be surprised when it takes you.

Research the Company

Your dream tech job might exist, but what you’ll actually be doing each day is only a part of your professional life. The rest will be determined by the culture of the company you’re working for. It makes a big difference whether you’re working in Silicon Valley or, say, New York City. The company’s ideals and philosophy will be different, so make sure you understand it before you jump in.

Don’t Let Your Resume Do All The Talking

You can have a first-rate resume and more qualifications than you know what to do with, but if you’re not able to navigate the corporate world, then there’s only so far you can go. You’ll need to be dogged in your pursuit of getting your dream job, and know all the handy IT job interview tips so that you don’t fall at the last hurdle. While you might eventually end up in your dream position, the process of actually securing that job will have little to do with your IT skills – but you will develop lifelong, worthwhile skills in the process.

Play the Long Game

Nobody walks into their dream job before they’re ready for it. People should be ambitious, but also realistic. If you want a position of authority or one in which you’re given license to do your own things, then you’ll have to be patient. These things don’t happen immediately after college: it takes years of hard work to get those jobs. While you’re waiting, keep your eye open for new opportunities that will arise during the course of your career. Many people end up in “dream jobs” that didn’t become their “dream” until they were already in the position.

Work Hard

Though there are plenty of things you can do to accelerate your career so that you get the best position possible for you, remember this: there is no substitute for hard work. If you were to do everything else on this list but fail to work your hardest, then you wouldn’t get anywhere. In the end, hard workers always come out on top. And there’ll be a bonus, too: when you finally land your dream tech job, you’ll have the satisfaction of having earned it through your hard work and intelligence!