How Drain Cleaning Can Save You Thousands!

Chances are a homeowner has not thought much about drain cleaning services. This is not surprising, given that drain cleaning usually comes up in the context of an emergency. A conscientious homeowner is encouraged to break the mold and invest in some preventative measures, because although they may not realize it, having a regular drain cleaning will save them thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

Here are some key reasons why getting a full service drain cleaning once and awhile is good for the body and the wallet:

Prevents Mold Build-Up – A backed-up sink or tub is bound to accumulate mold over the course of a couple years. This is especially true in kitchen sinks that do not drain well, as foodstuffs are bound to combine in some awfully stinky and sometimes moldy ways, and this is where the benefits of drain snaking come in handy.

A plumber will come into the kitchen with a top snake auger. These are electrical devices that come with extremely long cables to push the obstruction down the drainpipe and into a larger pipe or a reservoir. This is often what is used in emergencies when pipes become clogged. It is also what a plumber will do during a routine check of pipes – just to ensure that there is no minor build-up that could become unmanageable.

Gets Rid of Debris – Underground pipes are susceptible to all kinds of intrusion. Things like dirt, water particles, fecal matter, and more all compile on a regular basis, and in a home that does not have efficient plumbing infrastructure things can easily get clogged. Getting the pipes cleared of debris once and a while ensures that the septic tank does not get damaged. The cost of septic tank repair can be quite costly, both from a financial and lifestyle perspective, because depending on the living arrangement the plumber may need to get deep below the house.

Avoids Burst Pipes – The outcome of pipe buildup is pretty simple: they can burst. This is the worst case scenario for any homeowner, but can easily happen if drain cleaning is not maintained. Part of this issue has to do with lifestyle choices. Homeowners need to make sure they don’t leave too much food in the sink without cleaning it regularly. Doing these little jobs once and a while makes a big difference over the course of a year.

Helps Determine Leaks – A lot of the time leaks can occur in the infrastructure of a home, and a homeowner might never know about it until the moisture shows itself through the floor or the ceiling. Getting regular drain cleaning usually involves an assessment of the pipes for potential leaks, and the shoring up of any small leaks that might be present.

Taken together, all these preventative factors can save homeowner thousands of dollars. All it takes is the realization that Drano cannot do the whole job. Frankly, how could it, given the complexity of the average home’s plumbing system.

How Drain Cleaning Can Save You Thousands! 2
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