Computer security is without a doubt growing in importance. The explosion of electronic devices in use, combined with the fact that all these devices are connected to the Internet, is creating situations where cyber criminals can easily reap great rewards without giving too much effort. For this reason, cyber security experts are in high demand, as the only way to protect individuals and businesses against online crime is by hiring qualified professionals.

However, the number of individuals who are skilled in cyber security is limited, in part because it is not easy to become a top expert in this field. If you are thinking about becoming an expert in securing electronic devices, then you will need to do the following:

1. Get a formal qualification

Depending on which specialist area of cyber security that you want to address, you need to consider either getting a specific vendor certification or completing a multi-year university degree course. Either way, you should get credentials that prove to potential employers that you can do the job.

2. Grow a news habit

Cyber security is a fast-evolving environment, and you can only maintain your learned expertise by constantly being on top of the latest developments in the field. Subscribe to cyber security blogs and monitor the latest changes in the threat environment in order to maintain your academic skills.

3. Build a lab

Experimenting with cyber threats in a controlled environment is an excellent way to keep your practical security skills as sharp as possible. A computer lab that is appropriately quarantined poses no threat while at the same time allows you to see viruses, malware and hack attempts occur in real time.

4. Vary your experience

Each company and computing environment has unique vulnerabilities. Only by working for different clients across a broad section of services and industries will you be able to get a wider understanding of what cyber security threats really involve.

5. Join a professional body

Much of the key knowledge around cyber security goes unpublished. By networking with your peers, you will be able to gain a heads up on new and developing trends much faster. Collaborating with other experts will also help you find solutions for unique and difficult problems.

Once you have reached a level of expertise that allows you to charge a decent rate, you may want to think about your financial affairs. Working through an umbrella company is a good start, as umbrella companies take care of financial and tax management questions on your behalf. Continuing your professional development is also important, as any field in information technology changes rapidly, especially cyber security.

There is no question that top cyber security experts enjoy high earnings, yet it is not just the pay that makes the field such a lucrative route to pursue. Cyber security experts are increasingly in demand, so job security is a given. To top it all off, cyber security experts have exciting jobs – preventing and mitigating crime is a core aspect of this field of information technology.

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INFOtainment News

Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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