Don’t Be Short-sighted When It Comes To Your Eye Health

We only get one set of eyes. As we age, most of us will start to see our visual health suffering. Some of this loss of vision cannot be helped, but there are other factors that can be prevented. Here are a few ways that you can give your eyes a break and stop your vision from wearing away.

Have regular eye examinations

Taking a regular trip to the optician for eye tests can not only help spot when your vision is fading, but also catch any other problems such as cataracts or retinitis. There are some places where you can grab free eye tests, and coupon sites can further help you get discounts. Some eye test apps can also help test your vision, although you may not be able to diagnose an eye problem with just an app.

Don’t neglect corrective lenses

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If you need corrective vision such as glasses, don’t neglect this eyewear. By continuing to strain your vision, you could be damaging your eyes further. Contact lenses are available for those that don’t like wearing glasses. If the cost is a problem, there are many ways of snatching up a discount. If you work for a big company, convincing them to look into rates for business vision insurance could be financially sensible for everyone that needs visual help. FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) can also be used to pay for corrective vision.

Protect your eyes from light and dark

The wrong light levels can also take a strain on your eyes. When in strong sunlight, it’s important to wear sunglasses, especially if your eyes are very sensitive to the brightness. In certain jobs with lasers or torches, wearing the appropriate safety goggles is also a must as this bright light can severely damage the retinas. As for the dark, make sure that you’re not reading regularly in low light conditions as this too can affect your eyes.

See to your diet

Packing your diet with various nutrients can prevent your eyes wearing out and keep them healthy. Oily fish such as salmon and green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach are all very good for the eyes. As for carrots, whilst they may not allow you to see in the dark, they are indeed rich in vitamin A – a deficiency of which can lead to blindness. You should also watch your sugar intake as the likes Diabetes are known to damage people’s vision.

Quit smoking

quit smoking
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There isn’t a single part of your body that smoking is good for and this extends to the eyes. Smoking causes damage to the optic nerve, brings on macular degeneration and has long been thought to be a leading cause of cataracts. Also, whilst not a visual defect, smoking is known to age the skin, contributing to those unsightly bags you get under many smokers’ eyes. Packing in your smoking habit could help prevent all of this damage.

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Don’t Be Short-sighted When It Comes To Your Eye Health 5

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