How using a good antivirus program helped me love using my computer


I had always been a bit wary of going online on sites I wasn’t familiar with – there are a lot of threats online which can affect you without you even realising, and I didn’t want to have to deal with the hassle of it. When I did find a good antivirus package however, I realised that there was a whole lot of internet out there, which I could access now without needing to worry. This made me think of a few other things which a good antivirus has done to improve my online experience.

When it came to selecting one to use, I was very confused however. With so many options out there all saying that they are the best, it became a little difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and know what I would really be getting. I found it useful to check out review sites and to read what other people had liked, and disliked about certain products. Personally, I opted for Norton and by reading a Norton review, I was able to weigh up the pros and the cons and make an informed decision before I parted with any cash! Just relying on a company’s advertising is not enough as they will more than likely omit anything negative or any drawbacks that their product may have- things that should be a key consideration in the decision-making process!

A good antivirus program takes away the fear that something will go wrong and to be honest, I think if you aren’t using one, you are a little nuts! Sure, a website or a file might turn out to be questionable – but usually my program’s got my back. I can browse safely and securely, without worrying. On top of that, it’s usually really unobtrusive, so I don’t even think about it most of the time! That quiet protection without being a nuisance really helped me feel comfortable browsing. It would scan websites on searches before I even clicked them, which stopped me from heading to dubious sites.

Antivirus software is available in many cases in an app. This extends the protection to my phone and my tablet, which I use to browse on the go! Now I can casually browse, read, and watch all sorts while I’m out and about, or just in bed, and there’s no worry about viruses getting onto my devices, which can be just as susceptible as a normal PC!


On top of the other benefits such as scanning incoming files and emails, and checking webpages, antivirus programs made me more aware of how I was using my computer. When I found a really great one, knowing that the threats are out there, but that I’m protected, made me more conscious of my browsing habits and of making sure to navigate safely. I’m not scared though – just aware! I would definitely take the time to find the right program for you that offers great protection and for a good price, after all, this is something very important.




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  1. […] Antivirus is another foundation for ensuring the security of your system from malware. These are software that is installed and protect your PC from any malicious activity such as a virus or a Trojan. Whenever any file is moved into your PC from an external source such as internet or USB drive, antivirus window pops up notifying you of potentially threatening programs and action can be taken to remove those particular files from your PC. […]

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