Is It Bingo? Is It A Slot? No, It’s Slingo!

You’ve played bingo. You’ve played the slots. You’ve enjoyed them both, but they’re nothing new. So what’s next? Enter Slingo. This game has been around since 1995, but it’s only really gaining online traction in the iGaming world now.

What On Earth Is It Though?

So what is Slingo? It’s a hybrid of a slot machine and 75 ball bingo, which means you get access to the best of both worlds. If you enjoy marking off numbers on a card, but you also enjoy the fun of spinning reels on slot games, you can do exactly that. To be precise, it utilizes a 5×5 grid which looks just like the one you’d find in the traditional bingo game. Then, to spice things up, you’ll find the reels right underneath – although here things differ from the traditional, as unlike with a typical slot machine, you’ll only find one symbol per reel to be actually visible.

It’s been a beloved game online since the internet began being as popular as it is. It was a PC game, and an arcade game, and then its audience has been rising since about 2012, when Zynga brought it to a more mainstream audience through Facebook. This meant players could get super interactive with it all and play with friends along the way. San Fransisco-based Zynga was also responsible for the likes of Farmville and Words With Friends, so it’s no wonder that Slingo has taken off.

It’s certainly interesting to note the way that the game has changed over the years to incorporate different versions, as there are now even themed options and paid options available.

How Do You Play?

Spin the reels like in a slot game and use the numbers you get to complete the grid. You can only spin a certain amount of times, which keeps the game from being too easy. In a paid casino setting, a certain number of these could be free spins, while others would have to be paid for. Once you’ve got all the spaces filled though, that’s the equivalent of bingo in this context.

If you’re a mobile gamer, you will be able to play without difficulty. Slingo finds itself compatible with mobile gaming for those who prefer an app – and if the data is anything to go by, this will be fitting with national trends. In fact, statistics from 2016 show that 56% of the American population were involved in mobile gaming, and this figure is on the rise.

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What’s It Look Like?

Slingo can visually take a few different forms, and as its popularity rises, you can find reviews of dedicated Slingo sites online, including Slingo.com, which is the only place to play a multi-player version to keep things a bit more social, which is otherwise known as Slingo Boom.

Some of the games offered will be themed, for example, you could play a Deal or No Deal version to add yet more of a hybrid element to your enjoyment – if you’re a person who experiences boredom when focusing on just one task. This version adds yet more variables (for example, to get the top prize, you would have had to have also been lucky enough to pick the right box, just like in the nerve-wracking TV edition). Additional variants appealing to popular culture include Slingo games based on the reality TV talent shows, for example the X Factor.

Usually, the classic Slingo game is just for fun, and numbers will be displayed on the reels. However, from time to time, there will be other symbols on there as well, and certain “characters” who call out the numbers. The aim is to complete rows either up or down the grid, or diagonally, however, sometimes, there will be patterns involved, too.

What’s To Like About It?

These days, you can play for money, as opposed to “just for fun”, which has benefits in itself if you’re interested in this kind of gaming. However, it’s also an option for people who simply cannot choose one gaming option, because it provides so many elements of a variety of different games.

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