3 Home Tech Problems That Drive You Crazy And How To Fix Them

Tech has invaded our homes. From smart heating to wifi, modern life depends on technology and there is no going back. Unless you have elected to live ‘off grid’ you will be able to achieve very little in you day to day life without using technology at some point. The aim of modern gadgets is to save both time and money. When that technology lets us down, we get frustrated and upset. Luckily, there are some technology failures that we can do something about. Here are 3 top technology frustrations and some remedies that may help.

1.Your printer has stopped working

This inevitably happens just as you try to print that vital document that you need for work or a meeting with your financial adviser or lawyer. You press ‘print’ and nothing happens. It is common for printers to lose communication with computers. If you are using a wireless connection, this is the obvious place to start your troubleshooting. If your WiFi is not working then neither will the printer. If you are using a wired connection check that the wire is securely fixed into the computer and the printer. It is easy for them to work their way out over time. Turning both the computer and printer off and back on again usually does the trick. Finally, you could try re-installing the drivers so that the computer recognizes the printer all over again.

2. Netflix access problems

Just as you settle down to watch a movie with your family or catch up on the latest series something goes wrong with your Netflix. This is very frustrating and the last thing you need after a long day. If your TV is connecting via WiFi it may be worth checking out if that is working and turning it off and back on again. If you get a message saying that you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy and preventing you from accessing the catalog, there are detailed instructions that you can follow to quickly resolve the issue and get your movie up and running.

3. Your internet connection is slow

This is one of the most common home tech issues and cause of many family arguments. It makes accessing social media and internet shopping very difficult and that is frustrating. However, if you run a business or work from home it is a disaster. You can end up letting clients down and losing a lot of money. You need to start by establishing where the problem lies. Pick a computer that is connected directly to the hub or modem (i.e. not via wireless) and run a speed test. There are several programs online that will do this for you. Make a note of your download and upload speeds. They should be close to the speeds that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has advertised and if they are not you need to complain. If you don’t know what these are, ask them! Run speed tests at different times of the day as the speeds vary. Evenings tend to be slower because everyone is using the internet at home.

3 Home Tech Problems That Drive You Crazy And How To Fix Them 2
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