Four Fitness Fads That Actually Work!

In the quest for a dream body or to get fit and healthy, it seems that many people are prepared to spend money on various different things. How many of us used a Shake Weight or a PowerPlate? And then when was the last time that you used one? There are several fads that come and go when it comes to exercise. But to be honest, some of them actually work. So if you’re looking to get fitter as the summer approaches, then here are some things that might actually be worth a try.

Spinning Classes

If you’ve ever attended a spin class, you will know just how tough a spin class can be. It is a good workout for your legs and is amazing for your cardiovascular system. But it all started with a cyclist that wasn’t interested in going out in bad weather for a ride. So created a way to be on his bike but not actually go anywhere. It was met with some criticism, with people saying that you should just go out on a bike. But it has stood the test of time, and there are spin classes in gyms all around the world. If you don’t go to a gym, though, you can still get a spin bike at home. A site like could be worth a look as it has spin and exercise bike reviews. Your cardio will be thanking you for it!

The Thighmaster

The eighties and nineties piece of exercise equipment that claimed to help you get toned and firmed inner thighs. Despite the dodgy looking ads for it, it does actually work pretty well for what it is intended for. There are other things that you can do to achieve the same thing, like using plié squats or a cable machine. But if you’ve got an old thigh master downstairs in your basement, then now might be the time to bring it back out to help tone your legs for summer.

Tae Bo

In the early nineties, an exercise class called Tae Bo was introduced as a combination of martial arts and boxing. Many people were not sure about this working as an exercise. But for your cardio and strength, it has been shown to work very well. It isn’t too closely related to martial arts, so if you’re into martial arts there probably isn’t much that you will recognize. But if you want a way to workout at home, look up Billy Blanks and Tae Bo on YouTube (you can thank me later).

8-Minute Abs

If you think that you can’t get some good abs through a simple program like 8-minute abs, then you need to think again. It is a program designed to help strengthen your torso and help to get your stomach looking toned and ripped. The exercises are pretty basic, but it does the job. Again, these days you can find the program online. But it is certainly worth looking up in time for summer.

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