The online world has changed a lot in the last two decades – it has come closer to the user, especially when it comes to entertainment. Today, the internet is slowly replacing TV and printed media, becoming the medium of choice for people to stay informed and entertained throughout the day. And it has become much safer, too – despite the recent ransomware attacks (that are as much the users’ fault as they are the software developers’), today you can share information with much more peace of mind than ever before. Think of how hard it was to find a truly safe online casino just a decade ago – and how easy it is today.

The digital world has become part of our life – it is the medium through which we keep in touch, we keep up with our friends and family, and the medium through which we keep ourselves entertained. And with the emerging technologies we witness today, it will become even more immersive – a digital layer through which we’ll see the world around us, which keeps us informed at all times. Let’s see how this newfound technological revolution will change the way we have fun in the coming years.

Virtual playgrounds

Virtual reality has made a comeback recently – contrary to popular belief, it’s not a completely new concept but the evolution of a technology that has emerged back in the 1990s. Unfortunately, computers and displays were not on par with what VR needed back then – but they are now, and VR makes good use of the technologies developed over the decades that have passed.

VR will demolish the boundaries of space between people, allowing an artist from Fiji to meet a fan from Mali (which is literally half a world away) and converse in real time. In the future, we’ll see the emergence of meeting points in virtual reality, unbound by distance, where people from all over the world will be able to meet, interact, and play together. All they’ll have to do is put on their helmets, grab their controllers, and immerse into a different life lived entirely in a world where everything is possible.

The digital layer

Augmented reality is another interesting technology that has emerged in the recent years, thanks to the pocket-sized digital screens we carry around all the time. AG is basically a digital layer placed upon the real world, combining the benefits of sight and internet. With AR, you can get information about virtually anything you look at at the blink of an eye, and you’ll never have to be lost in even the strangest city you visit. Besides, it is able to turn the real world into a virtual playground by adding elements of gaming to it in real time.

Titles like Ingress, Pokémon GO, and independent titles like AR Invaders, are already making use of AR to turn the world around us into a digital playground. And more similar games are expected to be released in the coming years.

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