Security systems have been revitalized by both increased technology, and now the ‘internet of things’, so that what we can do with the systems now is almost unparalleled. This has been mirrored with similar revolutions in the automation of other systems, including heating, lighting, and water control. The ‘internet of things’ is also leading to a situation where we can control not only items such as individual lights and radios, but also toasters, chairs (through the use of high speed linear actuator, among other things) and fridges, meaning that homeowners will have ever-increasing control over their home and what goes on in it as we move into the future.

Security systems come in a variety of styles, allowing home owners to choose what level of sophistication, invasion, and autonomy they want in the system. This is also mirrored in the relative difficulty of installing the system itself – sometimes they can be installed by someone with no technological expertise, and sometimes they need to be installed by an expert.

Similarly, there are differing levels of monitoring that security systems can provide. Some of them can be monitored by the homeowner, and some of them come with distance monitoring by a professional business – these professionals will contact police and fire brigades if they become aware of anything going wrong. Different systems work for different people, and the following article will discuss several systems, and what they offer, so that anybody reading can see what there is on offer, and how useful they might find it.

Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2017 1

Vivint Smart Home

This security system requires expert installation by an outside company, and comes with environmental sensors (allowing for monitoring of your home for fire and water emergencies, as well as for monitoring during adverse weather conditions), and Z-wave\Zigbee compatibility. Unfortunately, this security system does not come with a cellular backup, or with backup in the case of power outages. The initial setup costs start at five hundred and forty nine dollars, with monthly upkeep starting at thirty nine, ninety nine. There is no voice recognition software.

Abode Home Security Starter Kit

This starter kit costs from two hundred and ninety nine dollars to install, with the monthly upkeep contract beginning at ten dollars. It can be installed without professional assistance, and requires no monthly contract to run. The Adobe Home Security Starter Kit comes with backup for outages caused by cellular problems, or adverse weather conditions, and also has IFTTT support. The kit also comes with environmental sensors, allowing for monitoring of the property in case of a problem with fire, water, or a larger weather problem, and is Z-wave\Zigbee compatible. There is voice recognition available through Alexa from Amazon.

Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2017 2

iSmartAlarm Premium Package

This package has IFTTT support, and is Z-wave\Zibgee compatible. It has no backups in case of power or cellular outages, and it has no potential for voice recognition software to be used, but there is no need to have it professionally installed, (though prices start at one hundred and ninety nine dollars for that service), and there is no monthly contract or fees whatsoever. The reviews for this package are good, noting that the entire system can be controlled via a Smartphone or other mobile device, though they do note that videos are live-feed only; they do not record.

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