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Have you run out of time or realized that assignments are difficult to complete? Well, academic ghostwriting is currently on the rise in the fields of researches where different skills are needed every time. Writing is viewed as an occupation that is highly competitive hence identification of niche for survival is of the greater essence. In the academic field, numerous people are getting involved in ghostwriting such as students, writers, professors and even editors. Most students are seeking for essay help. Thus, they are familiar with online writing services such as ghostwriting services. Even though some arguments have highlighted the morality of the ghostwriting field as an occupation, it can be viewed as employment or a service offered to students just like other services done in different fields. Academic ghostwriting can be understood as online writing services whereby virtual writers are hired to help students with academic papers for numerous reasons. Quite a good number of students do not have better writing skills hence they hire academic ghostwriters to write their essays, articles, assignments and report papers. Thus, academic ghostwriting is viewed by students as a better alternative for students who need to master their skills in writing quality papers.

Who are academic ghostwriters?

Ghostwriters or shadow scholars are the experts who help with academic ghostwriting for students. The writers are called “ghost” since they are virtually hired to offer such services at a fee. The papers they normally present to students are confidential. The writers provide flexible services besides working with the students directly through collaboration. Some ghostwriters provide comprehensive research and dissertations upon the student’s request. Besides, they can draft outlines and write proposals, edit the written assignments, conduct studies and bibliographies as well as collect information, engaging in consultancies and analysis besides formatting the manuscripts for publication. However, the ghostwriters operate the service on a business platform whereby the student pay for the services acquired from the ghostwriters.

Academic ghostwriting has received numerous reactions including positive remarks such as the source of academic fraud that undermines the academics credibility for published articles, researches, and reports among others. Besides, some see it as cheapening the qualification of students to numerous disciplines such as medical research work hence is viewed as a way of defrauding. Therefore, this ghostwriting has a world of its own, and it is different from other forms of ghostwriting. This kind of writing is seen thriving in an environment where it is prohibited. However, the experts in the academic field do not have the best solution to get rid of it. Conversely, academic ghostwriting is viewed as playing a useful role in the world of writing development and composition of speeches whereby the unseen writer is compensated for excellent work.

Students value academic ghostwriting since it frames the ideas and thoughts help with guidance on research and elevate the reputation of the students. Therefore, academic ghostwriters strive to cover their identities online and continue to help many students with academic works that do not bear their names. Consequently, these writers are compensated for the quality work delivered to the students. Henceforth, academic ghostwriters will help students with a selection of appropriate topics, apparently, divide the portions of the paper, deliver better quality assignment, check on plagiarism, perform revision and correction and submit the paper to the student promptly online. It will also ensure that the academic results are excellent. In a nutshell, academic ghostwriting bears an elaborated role in the academic context with many people doesn’t even bother to ask whether the behavior is ethical.

Ghostwriting should not be treated as a crime rather it is a crucial segment of the academic community that informs students of information that they have limited access. The writers who are invisible are the means to express information for the average students who feel to upgrade his standards. Consequently, the students use the information provided for their research and studies to enhance their experiences. However, these students should not use the link of engagement with the ghost writers to do all the work. Conversely, some students engage in the ghostwriters in the completion of every aspect of assignment since they have no talents and skills for research and writing as well as having poor language skills that make it difficult to express their points. The weak students usually need a platform to enhance their mastery of skills hence they seek assistance from ghostwriting. The platforms provide students with the opportunity to access well organized academic papers as per the standards of writing. Therefore, the students can develop and formulate better topics; they can focus their thoughts and provide the relevant contents of their essays that are written from scratch.

In conclusion, ghostwriting is essential in aiding the students to develop their skills in writing, as well as keeping the students informed hence they have an extra edge over other students. The weak students who engage in ghostwriting can use their words in the academic papers that seem to be complex and encourage them to improve their academic performance.

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