Keeping Time And Staying Awake

Payroll burdens small and growing businesses are enough to keep owners up at night. Technology offers solutions for both problems, even though it cannot print out money to add to your bottom line.

Keeping Business Time

Often as not, preparing payroll is a big business burden. It’s lies heavy on the business because it has no obvious payback, while s no apparent revenue attached to the process of even though your employees make revenue happen.

Keeping Time And Staying Awake 1

When the business is developing, owners are likely to keep records by hand. Before business owners find a payroll clerk and administrator affordable, they make notes about employee check in and check out on scraps of paper and notes to self.

As their operations become more sophisticated,  they may turn to  spreadsheets or some off-the-shelf software. But, they will find the time in and out is an estimate at best, a trust in the employee’s’ honesty, and an invitation to cheat. The most sincere employee will forget to record breaks or guess at hours and minutes. Even with a timeclock in place,  the more dishonest will have a buddy to cover for them by reporting for them. For businesses that dispatch worker is to offset locations, the problem of  keeping time becomes even more complex.

Those hours and minutes determine  the payroll which has to be done without fail at regular times. It must comply with taxing authorities, and it must be consistent with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)  law. Owners must remember that those same hours and minutes determine the overtime pay that can be the source of much debate.

Turning To Cloud-Based Timekeeping Systems

Timekeeping is also vital to business planning and budgeting for people and for pricing future pricing. For example, if your operation employs workers at distant, multiple, and mobile locations, you need to know who is earning what, where, and when if you are to have what you need to make a business proposal. With a landscaping, construction, or field operation, you must have assurance the workers are reporting accurately, honestly, and on time. Automated time clocks at a central location won’t do this, but a cloud-based system like Clockspot will.

You can set up your Clockspot today to take time keeping off your entrepreneur’s desk. Clockspot requires no time cards, notes, or word of mouth. Employees punch in and out online –  from any online device: smartphone in 30 seconds or less.

System tracks GPS and caller ID so you know where employee is at the time. It leaves you to review, edit, and approve time reports at one central hub. With assigned job codes, you can also track payroll per job line which is very helpful when writing sales proposals.

With this kind of real time data, you can monitor overtime and customize reports. You also have live feeds and archived data to share with individual employees and their respective supervisors. It’s just one way technology is making your ownership easier.

But, If You Are Still Losing Sleep

Keeping Time And Staying Awake 2

Without enough restful sleep, you will not get the most out of your day. Such stresses lead to fatigue and cloudy thinking, not something business owners can afford. So, many business owners are looking for the so-called “smart drugs.”

Smart drugs is a misnomer because they do not really make you more intelligent. But, nootropics like Adrafinil from Corpina are known to improve alertness and focus. Adrafinil, which requires no prescription, is a wakefulness agent or eugeroic. It has proven to be the short-term solution for students who are pulling an “all-nighter,” the employees working night shifts, or the owner making important presentations.

Discovered by scientists researching treatments for narcolepsy, Adrafinil sets off a chain reaction among your hormones to get them working in balance and harmony to boost your attention and effectiveness. It’s a brain stimulant without the negative side effects of over-caffeinated drinks.

Staying current on news like this helps you run a business effectively and competitively.

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