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Metal stamping is one of those things that will ultimately end up serving more than one kind of client, and as technology develops, the abilities corporations have are becoming even more detailed. For starters, consider the Internet of Things, or IoT, which allows for multiple manufacturing devices to be linked via cloud technology for maximum efficiency.

Such innovation makes it possible to collect in-depth data on production, allowing for greater precision in stamping solutions, greater efficiency, greater speed, and better quality. Furthermore, many companies who are well-known in the industry have reached a “cruising altitude” where they can afford to apply such technological breakthroughs.

Metal stamping services through Weiss-Aug are tenured; as Weiss-Aug.com catalogues: “Over 40 years ago, Weiss-Aug started as a stamping company, focusing on complex, high-precision and miniature high-speed stamping.” Commonly, a business takes five to ten years to become an established community bastion. Weiss-Aug has quadrupled that.

Organizations like this are using the latest in cloud and Big Data tech to make vehicle stamping, specific job stamping, and other concerted aspects of design more integral and applicable than ever. Many industries commonly require metal stamping. Automotive, aerospace, and electronic industries represent some of the primary clients of the industry.

Metal Stamping: A Global Industry In Continual Development 1

The Electronics Angle

Especially when it comes to consumer electronics, there’s high demand for metal stamping solutions. And those solutions must be made to specifications, as well as be astonishingly accurate. Mass-production predicates qualitative standards that have to be met. Consider smartphones, as a for instance.

Smartphones require top-tier, dependable metal stamping. The batteries contained under their thin rear shell are notorious for setting people’s pockets ablaze. Poor metal stamping can compromise such batteries and make these situations more likely. The company responsible will lose clientele. Ergo, the onus is, again, on the greatest precision.

Telecommunication and other electrical applications likewise characterize the bulk of metal stamping. As you can see, many of these are big-ticket stamping applications are going to be used by larger companies. But the better stamping agencies additionally have the ability to design “bespoke” or “individually designed” solutions.

The Raspberry Pi

Say you run a technology agency that is a burgeoning startup of some variety. You’ve got a computer solution like the Raspberry. The Raspberry Pi was initially developed as a kind of educational tool to help teach students about programming. Essentially it’s a computer smaller than your wallet that has exceptional application.

These little computers have the hookups you need and are just fascinating, but they weren’t originally meant to be a hit. Currently over 11 million have been sold, and that number is increasing day by day. Now, a startup who develops something like this is going to need cost-effective metal stamping solutions for production alone.

Metal Stamping: A Global Industry In Continual Development 2


Consolidating Expenses

But additionally, they’ll need something they can rely on, and which will ideally end up costing them less over time. When it comes to books, the fewer you buy, the more expensive they are. Buy ten from a self-publishing agency, it may cost $100. But buy 100 and it may cost only $700. Such overhead-decreasing approaches are advisable.

The reason is that it’s actually less expensive to print more using established templates than it is to print just a few. When it comes to metal stamping, the same kind of principles apply. To that end, metal stamping agencies will refine production on a continuous basis, putting the knowledge they acquire through diverse clients into their stamping solutions.

The larger and more established the stamping agency, the more cost-effective their solutions will be. If you have stamping needs, tenure is a great measure of technological advancement, dependability, and cost-effectiveness.


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