Staying Strong Later In Life

The age at which one starts to consider themselves ‘middle aged’ may never come for some people. To assess one’s life in terms of its temporal finity is enough to induce an existential crisis in anyone. The psychology of growing older is something that everyone has to deal with. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, theorized that children suffer with the same realizations too. When a baby is born, its only experience of life is its mother’s womb. As it takes in all the information around it and starts to develop emotional bonds with its family, it will at some point realize, not in words but emotionally, that it is separate from its mother. Being corporally alone in the world is something that everyone has to realize and some adults realize it again later in the life. However, the fact remains that this fundamental disconnect is quite distressing. As close as you may feel to those around you, the fact is that you are your own person and no one can truly help you shoulder that responsibility. Life is hard sometimes, but physically at least, we have to face it alone.

The awareness that a person has of their own mortality seems to assert itself to a greater degree in middle age. Whether it is because those people start to notice that their bodies are not as agile and fresh as they once were, or that they cannot sustain the sort of lifestyle they once led as undergraduates, the truth is that you have to look after yourself more when you get to that age. Here are a few ways of doing it:

  1. Doing regular exercise is an important part of a healthy, happy lifestyle at all stages of one’s life. It is great for lots of different reasons. A recent study found that, contrary to a perception that some body positivity activists have, metabolically healthy overweight people are still at a much greater risk of things like heart disease or strokes. Exercise is not only a great way to maintain a healthier weight, it can be a lot of fun too. If you join a sports team or run marathons for charity, you can enjoy yourself or do something worthwhile.
  2. Once a person reaches their late 20s, they will slowly start to lose bone density. It is just a fact of human biology. You may want to check out these Frequently Asked Questions about AlgaeCal which increases bone strength. Before making any important health decision, you should always consult your doctor. That is incredibly important. Always remember to seek professional medical advice before changing any part of your regimen.
  3. It is something that everyone knows but which a lot of people struggle with but giving up smoking and drinking less are both good ways to stay healthy in middle age.
  4. It is something of a joke, but lots of people who are 40 or older say that they are becoming better friends with their doctor. Organizing regular check-ups is a great idea because lots of medical conditions become more common later in life. Catching them early is the best way of going forward.
Staying Strong Later In Life 2
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