The Best Summer 2017 Destinations for the Young and Wealthy

No matter if you are rich or poor; the one thing everybody wants is value for money. What will be better than your 2016 summer vacation you ask? Summer 2017 of course! After the ordeal at the Fyre Festival, everybody is super cautious as to which events and places offer a secure and luxurious atmosphere in comparison to over-hyped.

In case you missed it the supposed-to-be-party-of-the-year, Fyre Festival in Exumas, Bahamas was cancelled after the organizers could not cope with proper event management. In fact, the blame is still being shifted around to this very day as to whose responsible for inadequate planning . Hundreds of festival goers plans to be festive ended up in flames while the food and accommodation were of poor standard, leaving a few attendees drenched on wet sheets. The word going around on social media is that those, even with their six-figure payments, had to pack up and leave.

The fact remains that no party goer anticipates to suffer the same fate as the Fyre Festival patrons. The mismanaged event resulted in a disappointing cancelled event which in many opinions, could have been a legendary event. As a result, most young and wealthy event seekers and now turning to alternative destinations on the horizons. Who says Summer 2017 has to end up in smoke? With the thoughts of luxury, fun and entertainment, some of the world’s most attractive destinations come to mind. Let’s take a look at the top 3 best locations anticipated to be chosen this summer 2017.

1. Macao

This other worldly piece of earth in the heart of Asia is the reason you have been waiting for to go to China and party up a storm. This destination has earned itself the title of being the Las Vegas of China, but in all honestly, Macoa is a hot entertainment pick in its own right. Macao boasts a large number of fancy hotels from standard looking versions to ship shaped structures, to world class malls and top notch casinos like you have seen in no other place. Furthermore, if you want to escape the unstoppable rush of the Cotai Strip for just one night or one day, there is no reason not to get your game on. Many opt to on over to Online Casino UK where they can find a range of the best online casinos providing trustworthy and exciting gameplay adventures, similarly to those at any Mocoa casino.

2. Miami

Miami is synonymous with luxury, riches and comfort. It is here where you can enjoy the seemingly endless shimmering beaches and myriad of shops and entertainment. If words like “designer” and “exclusive” piques your interest, go and indulge in toe-curling treatments at the acclaimed Mandarin Oriental Spa. If you prefer getting up close and personal with the pulsing water, then the breathtaking sea cruises are more your gig. As part of your Miami adventure bucket list, make sure not to miss the casino cruises that simply scream ‘high life’. If Las Vegas just-just fell off of your list these casino cruises will surely make up for it boasting sheer luxury, elegance and a whole lot of fun.

3. Las Vegas

For a taste of class, sophistication and a blast of fun, Las Vegas still reigns as a legendary option. The vibrant night-life is an attraction to all that enjoy the flourishing juices of life. Dance all night; gamble all night or day trip as you wish. You are spoiled for choice in the motherland of partying and other pleasures 24/7. Coming back to the day tripping, away from all of the bright and flashing lights, the good life still exists. Go check out the national parks and guided tours amongst others. When you finally decide to do something that will push your adrenaline levels beyond the bursting stars, opt for a thrilling roller coaster ride on the Strip.

The Best Summer 2017 Destinations for the Young and Wealthy 2
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