Technology has made planning trips, both business trips and vacations, a lot easier. There are quite a lot of apps and services designed to make finding and booking flights, hotels and tickets to events or tourist attractions easier. You can also get better deals and exclusive discounts when making your travel arrangements through apps and web services.

Some apps offer specific functions for those of you who are planning a vacation or a business trip. Other apps are more feature-packed, providing all the tools you need to plan a holiday from start to finish. We are going to pick some of the best apps and review them in this article.

Google Trips

When Google first introduced Google Trips, many app makers and tech enthusiasts were surprised. Google and its tech muscle can do a lot, and its entry into the travel industry was considered a threat to existing apps. What Google does with Google Trips is far from that.

Google Trips combines all of your travel details into one convenient interface. It recognizes booking confirmations and e-tickets automatically, giving you the ability to get your trip organized while offering other resources along the way. Once you set a destination, for example, Google Trips can help suggest interesting places to visit.

Google Trips also make all of your travel info available offline, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to open that PDF ticket or booking confirmation you receive from other services when there is no internet connection available. On top of that, the app integrates well with other Google products such as Google Now and Assistant, creating a much more fluid user experience.

Paddle Partner

While Google Trips offers a broad range of functionalities and is designed to organize your travel details, Paddle Partner is more detailed. Paddle Partner is an app that focuses on the Delaware River and the accessible trails at the popular kayaking destination. Since it concentrates on a particular function, Paddle Partner is very, VERY comprehensive.

For starters, you get a complete Delaware Water Gap map that is also available offline. You can also plan your kayaking or canoeing trip meticulously with the resources offered by this app. Additional information on safety, weather and even your stats are also presented through a friendly user interface.

Specific apps like Paddle Partner are an excellent way to better plan your visit to a specific destination. There are apps for other destinations too, but Paddle Partner is a good example and a must-try.


This last app is one of my all-time favorites for travel planning. We all know how difficult it is to stay within budget when traveling – or to make a budget for a trip in the first place – and Mint is the app to use to solve that problem. Its clean user interface is superbly accessible. The app also comes with all the tools you need to keep track of your travel expenses.

Set a budget at the beginning of the trip and you’ll be able to monitor your progress using charts and visual indicators provided by Mint. The app will also issue alerts when you start spending more than you should. Mint, and the previous apps we talked about, are must-have apps if you want to organize your trips better.

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