7 Most Common Reasons to Need a Family Law Attorney

Oddly, many people look at family law within a very limited understanding of just what it is that a family lawyer does. While child custody during a divorce and even the divorce itself is much of what a family law attorney does, it isn’t the sum total of his or her area of expertise. A family law attorney does so much more than represent one party in a divorce case or child custody suit. In fact, here are seven of the most common reasons you need a family attorney.

1. Divorce

As mentioned above, family law involves the breakup of the family, which is typically handled through divorce court. However, today many divorces are settled out of court and a good divorce lawyer often represents his or her client without the need to go through a lengthy and often very expensive courtroom battle.

2. Child Custody

In a divorce, who gets the kids? There was a time when the woman won almost every time, barring proof of being unfit. However, today the courts look more favorably on dad being the custodial parent and so many times he is awarded custody. Then there is shared custody, no custody, no visitation, etc. When kids are involved, you need the best representation money will buy.

3. Prenuptial Agreements

You are always hearing about celebrities and their multi-million dollar prenuptial agreements that get called up when their marriage ends in divorce, as so many do. However, prenups aren’t just for the rich and famous. This is also an area of family law that takes a specialization to ensure the best possible contractual agreement for a client.

4. Child Support

Of course, child support is a biggie. All too often the non-custodial parent reneges on child support awarded by the courts and a good lawyer can help the custodial parent recover the delinquent funds they should have been getting. A knowledgeable child support attorney can also help win the best settlement possible in the beginning, too.

5. Alimony aka. Spousal Support

Both in helping to establish the amount of alimony paid at the time of divorce and helping the receiving party recover delinquent payments falls within the arena of family law.

6. Post-Divorce Distribution of Assets

Sometimes, this is a lengthy and time-consuming process where some assets have been awarded to one or the other of the spouses at the time of divorce, and other times it’s a percentage that each partner gets. Good family law attorneys can handle the post-divorce distribution of assets.

7. Post-Divorce Relocation Disputes

Disputes in relocation often happen after a divorce when the custodial parent decides to leave the area. The non-custodial parent would often experience hardships in visitation and in other respects as well. When there is a relocation dispute after a marriage has been dissolved, a family law attorney can help resolve the issue in or out of court.

While these are seven of the most common reasons to need a family law attorney, there are other areas of family law as well. If you are dealing with any of the above issues, the best lawyer to represent you would be experienced in family law with a winning record under his or her belt. Always seek a specialized lawyer for the best chance of success.

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