Squeezing A Healthy Lifestyle Into Your Hectic Life

We all want to make healthier choices in our life but there is always one thing that is stopping us; time. There just isn’t enough time to be able to live the healthy lifestyle we want to lead, not when we are rushing about at 104 mph here, there and everywhere. When we’ve hit the snooze button on our alarm three times and been late for work, it is just easier to grab a sugar-filled breakfast bar than to make avocado and scrambled egg on toast. And as for yoga classes, when on earth is anyone meant to squeeze that in?

Well, what if we told you it was totally possible to be busy and healthy, and that all you need to do is make a few tweaks and changes to the way you live your life. Sure, these changes may be a little daunting and hard to accomplish at first, but they’ll soon become second-nature. As with everything, though, start small with your healthy lifestyle changes and go from there.

Start To Love Your Microwave

As far as we are concerned, the microwave has gotten a rather bad reputation for no reason. Close your eyes and imagine a meal from a microwave for a second. Exactly. You’re thinking about pop-di-ping meals with sausages that only contain 3% meat and have frozen vegetables that are only green because of the food coloring. But why not start using it for good. Start making a quiche in a mug, or a breakfast quinoa or eggs and salmon. That’s about as time-efficient as it comes.

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As Strong And Durable As Iron

The great thing about eating loads of iron is that it gives you energy, tons of the stuff, enough to help you get through your working day and your workout, no problem.It’s not just about energy, though, because iron can also help with tiredness (duh!) and depression. Yeah, it is a wellbeing champion. So start nibbling away on oatmeal in the morning and then lentils and spinach and lean meat later in the day. You’ll feel so refreshed and spritely that you’ll need a workout to burn off your energy.

It’s All About The Interval

The great thing about interval training is that it can be over and done with in twenty minutes, maximum. Short and intense burst of energy is actually better for you, and more effective when looking to increase your overall fitness. We know, right. No more putting off the gym until the tomorrow because you can’t afford to spare an hour. Instead, just do twenty minutes of sprinting and walking and see that exercise start to pay off in no time whatsoever.

The Day Of The Desk

More people than ever are working jobs that require them to be sat behind a desk for the majority of the day which, as you can probably guess, isn’t the greatest exercise a person can ever hope to do. In fact, desks are the devil when it comes to improving fitness. Unless you know how to deskercise and deskercise well. Sure, you may get embarrassed at first and feel a little strange, but when you get to show off your flat stomach in one month from now because of the little exercises you snuck into your working life, well, who’ll be laughing then? For a full list of epic exercises then look at this list by http://greatist.com/, otherwise do some little desk crunches, hold your legs up, tense your tummy for as long as possible, do some bench presses with your keyboard; anything and everything will help you get fitter.

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Walking Is The Way Forward

Sitting has become the mainstay of all our days. We sit at our desks. We sit down when we eat. We sit down when we drive or take the train or tram or whatever. So why not start walking where you can, getting off your butt and dabbling in any exertion you can. Get off the bus two stops before you have to and walk the rest of the way, or cycle instead. Take the stairs and not the lift. If you have some instructions to give a colleague of yours, why not walk and tell them in person instead of sending an email. If you have to drive to work, why not park as far away from the front door as possible and walk the distance. All these little extra steps you take will add up pretty quickly. That much we can promise you.

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