With the launch of the newly redesigned usopen.com, it’s a fantastic time to be involved in the golfing world. Never before has golfing been such an open, welcoming and exciting hobby to partake in. There’s a reason most Presidents of the United States have listed golf as one of the best ways they release inner tension and stress.

If you’re hoping to learn more about the sport we all love, or simply find more news to see what the hottest gossip within the sport is, this following list of websites will accurately cover all of your golfing needs completely.


Reddit’s r/golf subreddit is the centralized Reddit hub all about golfing news, equipment reviews, and also a fantastic place for people to share their funny golfing stories, beautiful pictures of the green, or simply sharing product reviews. Want to know what the best fairway woods for 2017 are? Reddit has your answer. Want to know where to get tickets for the hottest next open championship? Reddit has your answer. Reddit’s golfing community is currently almost 100,000 strong, so you’ll be sure to find a group of people who’ll critique your drive for you.


This is a simple and obvious choice, but it also has some of the best, reliable information for all things going on in the golfing world. Tracking athletes, events, and scoreboards, golf.com also sports a burgeoning ticket resource that helps you find access to the best games, fast. Plus, because of how dedicated they are to the sport, they’ll often have some of the best news before you can see it anywhere else. Truly one of the best, more reliable places for the golfing fanatic to nurse their obsession.

Golf Monthly

This is one of the most popular magazines when it comes to golfing, and a stellar resource. However, the online component is worth checking out too. If you’re in the UK, it also gives you a brilliant course directory that is both complete and detailed.

The Sandtrap

If Reddit isn’t your thing, or if you just want to find experienced, dedicated and more numerous forum users, The Sandtrap is the first place you should be looking for all things pertaining to the minutiae of the golfing world. You can be sure that if there’s ever been a problem raised during a game, it’s been discussed here.

If you’re unsure of course etiquette, you can discuss it here. If you’re new and simply don’t want to come across as a fool on the green, you can discuss strategies for success here. The Sandtrap is the ‘it’ place to be when it comes to every fine detail about golfing.

Iain Carter’s Blog

Though infrequently updated, and unfortunately not posted on for years, Iain Carter, the BBC reporter, has in-depth articles that fuse both the BBC’s audience and a lifelong passion for the sport together in a brilliant example of the great minds golfing appeals to. In order to truly get the most out of this resource, be sure to read the articles from earlier in his posting history. Some of them are too important and interesting to be missed.

ESPN’s Golfing News

If you’re still looking for up-to-the-minute golfing news featuring quality sources then there’s no reason to look any further than ESPN’s golfing resource. ESPN have cemented themselves as the most valuable sports network and their efforts in the golfing world are no different. Not only is there a fantastic stats section that allows you to keep up to date with your favorite athletes, but there’s also biographies on players and links to both the FedEx Cup information and general tickets that you’d be silly to ignore.


Looking for insightful news articles and editorials that also go into the importance of certain equipment maintenance, reading between the lines of a player's career and handy guides to playing? You should look no further than GolfDigest. Not only does it focus on recent happenings in the golfing world but also lends an eye to important historical events that have happened within the golfing community. It’s easy to tell how much of an adoration those at GD have for the sport, and it translates to the articles.

Reddit’s r/golf Beginner’s Guide To Golf

If you’re completely new to the sport, it’s handy to read an insightful, complete and thorough wiki about what you’re getting into. Thankfully u/REInvestor has posted a handy tutorial for those looking to improve their game or get one started. Going into golfing terminology, technique videos, etiquette, and the equipment every beginner needs to have a successful first game, this resource is considered on r/golf to be the perfect guide and sports the top spot in their wiki section.

Used effectively, these eight websites can cover everything that even the newest or most experienced practitioner of golf can glean value from. Not only are equipment guides, the best ways to practice and how to find a community covered, but your etiquette will impress those who have been playing for 30+ years on your green.

If you’re new however, the most important thing for any ambitious golfer to learn is to have fun. This is a relaxing yet stimulating game that keeps the best mind focussed, logical and sometimes overtly passionate.

If embarking on your first time out on the green, it’s recommended that you keep your clubs well maintained, carried effectively, and honestly score your results. You have no one to cheat but yourself if you play dishonestly and everyone makes mistakes the first time they play. Just relax, unwind and let your driving arm do the work. If you want to try and practice your driving technique before you hit the green officially, there’s sure to be a driving range at your area. At these locations, you’ll be able to practice with a number of balls until you have the technique down, and remember, this is a game for the patient player. Don’t expect it to come all at once.

Have fun!

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