Finding the Fitspo Fashion

Now that the months are getting warmer, we’re not just looking towards the fashion for our everyday wear, but also the fashion that can keep up with our ever-growing love for fitness. There are so many companies out there that offer amazing products which can keep us on trend in terms of style, but often we are overlooking what we need in favor of what we want.

So, what do we need?

We need something that is able to keep us cool and is suitable for what we are doing. Different sports require different pieces of clothing to adapt to the exercise that you are doing. An extreme example would be wearing a ski suit to go running in; most people would think that this is utterly ridiculous, but it highlights just how different the styles of clothing can be. Look for a breathable fabric which allows you to sweat (how dreamy!) instead of catching it all within the fibers. This is a case where you shouldn’t choose fashion over durability – your skin needs to breathe!

Where can we get it from?

Most superstores are now doing their own range of fitness clothing, but it is also available to buy online. Sites like ASOS have their own department for it on their website, and actress Kate Hudson has recently co-founded athletic clothing company Fabletics to help bring an amazing selection of trendy workout outfits to your screen. In a world where we only have to tap a few buttons to get something so beautiful delivered to you, who can resist? But remember it’s practical, too.

I’m not sure if I can afford it…

It’s common nowadays to own quite a few outfits to work out in, but it’s not necessarily a requirement. You don’t even have to really buy the topline stuff, and can definitely make so with utilizing pieces that you own that make up your everyday outfits to do simpler stuff in. There are quite a few people who would actually prefer to do their exercising in an old tee and leggings rather than splashing out on specific clothes. There are websites such as DontPayFull.com out there which are able to direct you to vouchers and coupon codes to use on some sporting websites.

Who can I look to for inspiration?

There are so many great people out there, both men and women, who can inspire you – not just in terms of fashion, but also getting on board the fitness train and helping to give you motivation to work out. If you are looking for HIIT inspo, Lean in 15 star Joe Wicks is definitely on to follow. For free workout tips and look transformations, check out Khloe Kardashian’s dabble into the weightloss world. Typically, if you go onto Instagram and take a look at those who have invested the time and the effort into getting themselves feeling fitter, healthier and generally better about their body, you can tag onto other people who are in the same mindset.

Finding the Fitspo Fashion 3
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