Wow! Look How Much Businesses Have Changed In the Last Decade

We believe it is safe to say that the last ten years have brought about more change than any ten year period prior to this, and this is especially true with regards to the way businesses operate. Almost everything has had to adapt to the advancements in technology. Whether this adapting has made running a business easier or harder is a matter of opinion, but the changes have been astronomical.

As such, we have compiled a short list of what have been the biggest changes of the past 10 years. Enjoy.

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The Rise Of The Mobile

Quite simply put, there is no such thing as out of office anymore. Yes, there were mobile phones 10 years ago and they were able to connect to 3G and carry data, but it was nothing like it is now. The demands of modern business practices have meant that we are always connected through email, apps, messaging and phone calls. All of this has made that line between work and home that much more blurred, and it has seen a huge rise in people working remotely as opposed to heading into the office. It has allowed collaboration to take place almost seamlessly despite the fact coworkers are rarely in the same room and are always on the move. This advancement will keep rising, and it will see even more startups and small businesses quickly capitalize on what is an easily accessible global marketplace.

Organizing Has Become Easy

The decline in paper-based files is nothing new, but the way in which companies can organize themselves these days in mind blowing. Just check out this page and you’ll see how far the organization chart has come from 1855, and where it is headed in the future. But it isn’t just about our ability to store files, it is also the fact that we can now access them from anywhere and collaboratively work on certain projects despite the fact the users are based in different countries. There is accounting software that takes the hassle out of what was a long and tedious job, invoicing software to speed up the process, and a million other advancements that have made business processes easier to navigate.

We Are At The Beginning of The Cloud

Less than ten years ago, companies had to dedicate whole floors to cold server banks. But this is no longer the case. The cloud has revolutionized the way in which business can store data, and from this has burst an industry of IT services, all of whom can alleviate the cost and pressure of having on-site computer facilities. Quite simply, cloud computing has become the standard way of doing things simply because it offers both freedom and convenience. As such, it promises to be an area of business that keeps advancing.

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No More Need For Offices

There was once a time where anyone that wanted to have their own business needed to have a vast sum of money to get up and running, of which a lot of that capital was spent on the premises. But this is no longer the case. The rise of the virtual office has seen to it that a huge amount of money can be saved by anyone wanting to go it alone. What’s more, we are only at the start of this revolution, and as such we can expect more and more businesses to head this direction and move into virtual offices. It just makes sense financially.

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