Exercise Tips for Newbies

The beauty of the act of exercising is that everybody has the capability to do it in some form or fashion. Whether it be a 9-year-old who is training for their school’s sports day, a 20-year-old going to the gym for the first time, a 50-year-old trying to fight the flab that’s been creeping up on them silently, a 70-year-old trying to remain as active as possible or a 90-year-old being told by a healthcare professional that they must do something in their old age: everybody has the right to start exercising, even if it’s for the first time. Below you can find tips on how best to optimize your fitness results when first starting out on a fitness venture.
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First and foremost, you need to remember that this is a commitment and not just a one-off or a one day venture. You must be committed to the idea that you have to work out every day simply to make sure that you create an exercising habit. And a good habit to get into is one where you are constantly working towards something. For instance, if you are starting your exercising at this time of the year then you could purchase a nice new bathing suit that is just a little bit too small for you at the moment to act as inspiration for you to cut down to a weight in which it will fit you perfectly by the time your summer holiday rolls around. Similarly, once the summer is over then you should use the same sort of tactic to get you through the remaining months of the year: you could again buy clothes that are at the moment too small for you but would be your ideal size for any New Year’s Eve parties that you may attend.

This kind of habit is a good one that you should try to get into; a habit you should kick, however, is trying to do too much, too soon. Over-doing it in regards to what you can realistically achieve at certain points in your personal exercising journey is a bad habit, first and foremost, because it can lead to serious injuries. As a newbie, you should seek to start out small, i.e. with smaller sets or smaller times, regardless of what others have to say. You have to do what’s right for you and your body at this point, not what is right for others, which is why it is recommended that you aim for only 30 minutes of cardio every day and to do strength training twice daily when you start out. Only when you feel as if you have integrated this into your life comfortably should you then seek to do more. There are a whole host of exercise don’ts, but pushing yourself too hard is one of the ones all newcomers are most susceptible to simply because of a desire to please those who are deemed to be more experienced than themselves. This desire to please is definitely one that all newbies should forgo.

And another is the what others have to say about you attempting the venture in the first place. There will be naysayers along the way, whether they be people who don’t believe in your commitment levels or simply don’t believe you’ll be able to hack the physicality; what you should do with these kinds of remarks is ignore them. You should never let negative people derail your fitness dream, and you should especially not let the aforementioned ‘more experienced’ exercisers dictate anything to you in anyway, certainly if it is regards to ‘their gym’. The gym can be like a home to some people, which is why they can seek to assert dominance when newcomers step within it’s walls; what they fail to remember, however, is that is a public place and anybody who pays their membership fees deserves as much time on the machines as anybody else that pays, regardless of how long they’ve been going there. Everybody has the right to start exercising even if they have never done any before and you should never let the idea of being ridiculed or made fun of in the gym stop you from signing up to one.

There are, however, also times when it is good to listen to other people, as some people just want to help. There are times when somebody wishes to genuinely help you in the gym, say, if they see you working a muscle incorrectly or that you seem to be lacking a sense of focus, which is why you should never take to dismissing help, even if/when your ego is screaming at you to do so. Seeking the assistance of a personal trainer is recommended if you feel as if you need directing in certain aspects of life and would prefer to have a figure of authority looming over you or if you aren’t clued up in regards to the correct diet needed to get optimum results from your regime. Also, if your goal is to build muscle and partake in strength training then it is recommended to have a partner assisting you with the heavy machinery and equipment so as to ensure that you never find yourself in uncompromising situation. So, the moral is: although the art of exercising garners solo results, it doesn’t mean it can’t and shouldn’t be. team game, you just have to know who to trust in regards to who wants to help, and who doesn’t.

Being a newbie to exercising, no matter what your age or current size, is never something to fear or be ashamed of. Every body tries and starts different things at different times in their lives compared to others around them. In fact, the most daunting task of beginning an exercise regime is getting over that first hurdle, and that first month — after that, well, it’s not a breeze as it’s never a breeze, but it is certainly easier!

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