Whether you’re a child or a fully-grown adult, if you love to game, then you’re never too old to do it. Of course, regardless of your age, you might not be the best at gaming. Perhaps it’s always been a casual past-time for you, and you’ve never considered the possibility that you could be any better than you are today. Yet, much like any sport, if you want to become better than you have to work towards that goal. You have to really want it.

The key to moving from a slow gamer to a pro gamer is viewing the game as a serious piece of art. You wouldn’t expect to become a better driver just by having “fun” whilst driving. Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have fun whilst gaming, as that’s the point of it. All I’m saying is that, if you want to beat your friends every time you play GTA, you need to start driving virtual cars in the same way you’d drive real ones; with precision and concentration. Here’s a rough guide to the transformation from slow gaming to pro gaming.

Choose your genre

This is the most important aspect of the transformation, as you need to be keen on your game of choice, and it needs to be something you’ll still find fun even after hours and hours of endless playing time. You need to pick a game based on your favorite genre, rather than a game which you think will be the easiest to pick up. If it’s an easy game to master, then everyone else can master it easily too. You need to be challenging yourself.

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Becoming a pro gamer requires training. If you’re getting beaten by the AI every time, then you can forget beating your friends for the moment. You need to focus on becoming good enough to defeat a pre-programmed computer before taking on a real life form. If you want to get better, you could look into a selection of different gaming PC builds to choose a high-performance piece of kit which might improve your game. The key to success, beside the right piece of machinery, is practice.

You can have all the fancy kit, but if you’ve not practiced until you can defeat every virtual alien attacker or every virtual football team in the league, then you’re not fully trained yet. A real footballer doesn’t finish his training with a brand new, shiny pair of boots. He grafts until he’s honed his talent, and that’s how you need to view gaming if you want to go from a casual gamer who always gets whooped by his mates and a computer to a professional who loses to no opponent.


Whilst you might have had plenty of competitions with your friends or anonymous people over the internet, a truly professional gamer should be pushing themselves to take on the big leagues. You might have heard about gaming tournaments before, but thought of them as simply the pipe dream of a ten year old. If you claim to have become the best of the best at a specific game or genre of gaming, however, then this could be your chance to prove to your pals that you’re not “all talk”.

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