Exercising is good for you. It boosts your mood, strengthens your muscles, expels toxins from your system, and it burns calories. But before you sprint out and get the latest workout DVD, or join a running club, there are some not so positive issues around exercise that you need to be mindful of. Read on to find out more.

Don’t work too hard!

The number one issue that you need to avoid when working out is working too hard. Yes, you may have been reading some of those hardcore fitness sites that say you should train until you puke. But is that something that you want to actually put yourself through?

Also is this extreme level of training the best way to keep yourself motivated and injury free? Probably not. Remember that there is nothing wrong with slow and steady, especially when you are first starting!

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Don’t get ripped off

Another issue you need to be really careful of when starting an exercise regime is not getting fleeced out of your money. Exercise is not only an activity it’s also an industry, and there are a lot of folks out there hoping to make their fortunes by providing plans, videos and equipment.

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That is why you have to be a little discerning when you pick an activity for fitness. Consider the cost, and weigh it against how many times you will use it, as well as the results that you can expect from it; before you buy.

Also make sure you pick something that you will be able to enjoy and succeed at, and that has different levels that will challenge you. For example some folks may enjoy HIIT workout plans. Whereas other will suit stretching and PIYO activities better. You can read this PIYO review to learn more about this.

Remember too that you should also check the review of any program or class before you sign up to ensure that you aren’t just wasting your money.

Don’t get on the trend wagon

Ah trends, they are all over, aren’t they? Makeup, fashion, eating, and now fitness. But be wary of dumping all the sound knowledge that you have about working out for the newest trend.

This is because fitness trends can often incorporate buying expensive equipment and dedicating yourself to a grueling regime. When there actual results have not yet been proven. Remember to measure up the latest trends again the traditional fitness advice before you jump on the bandwagon.

Don’t be unrealistic

Lastly, another big no-no that you need to watch out for when you are thinking of getting more active is not being realistic with your expectations.

You may think that you want to overhaul your whole body, be fitter than you were 5 years ago, and generally look like a Greek god or goddess. But that isn’t going to happen overnight, and for some folks that will never happen.

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It’s much better to be realistic and improve on your fitness as it is now than to try to reclaim what you once had, or change your body shape. Which is likely to stay pretty much the same no matter how many squats you do!

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