You Could Have These Diseases And Not Even Know It

Now, we’re not trying to alarm you, but…you might have been carrying around a medical condition with you and not even know it. While it’s pretty easy for you (we hope!) to recognize when something is so obviously wrong with you, some diseases prefer to keep themselves under the radar. Instead of making your life a misery, then silently sleep just below the surface, keep themselves to themselves – but also, unfortunately, that means they’re keeping themselves to you, too. Some of the conditions outlined below pose no real threat to your overall health: they just happen to exist. Others, however, can lead to more serious problems.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a serious condition, or at least it can be if it’s not treated in its early stages. However, it often isn’t treated at that point because so many people have it without even realizing. And the thing is, lyme disease does show symptoms, so it’s not as if there aren’t some warning signs that something is amiss. Unfortunately, these warning signs are similar to those found in other conditions too, making it a little bit more difficult to diagnose. People are generally diagnosed with fatigue and autoimmune diseases when in fact they’re carrying a disease transmitted to them through the bite of a tick. If you have flu like symptoms, muscle pain, and extreme tiredness then you might not just be feeling run down: it could be lyme disease. But don’t worry: it’s fully treatable with antibiotics if caught early enough.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Despite more and more people getting tested than ever before, there still remains a huge portion of the population who are infected with an STI without even knowing it. Chlamydia is probably the most common, with a quite staggering percentage of infected people not knowing they have it: some 70% of women and 50% of men. This fosters bigger problems: people who don’t know they have it ended up passing it on to other people. Treatment for chlamydia is readily available, but if it goes unnoticed then it can cause slight symptoms in men and women. Unfortunately, it’s not detected early on then it can cause women to become infertile. Another common STI that flies under the radar in many people is gonorrhea, which also shows few if any symptoms.

Celiac Disease

If you have, or know of someone who has celiac disease then you’ll already well understand the complications of diagnosing this awkward disease. The problem is, if you have it then you will feel its effects, you just might not know what it is exactly that’s causing you to have stomach troubles and a general rundown feeling. Given that it’s a condition that can pose much bigger problems further on down the line, it’s surprising that there are most likely many more people living with the disease untreated than there are people who have diagnosed. If you think it might be the cause of your troubles but your doctor isn’t playing ball with your self-diagnosis, take treatment into your own hands: the disease comes from your body’s inability to break down gluten, so it should be easy enough. Switch to a gluten free diet and see if anything improves!


There’s an epidemic going on across the world that’s talked and talked about but isn’t improving all the much: obesity is affecting far too many people. This is causing a whole host of health problems, but most noticeably diabetes. Because there are few different types of diabetes, people aren’t so sure when they have it. Let’s break it down. You can be born with Type 1 diabetes, but you acquire other types as you age. If you’re overweight and there’s a history of diabetes in your family, there’s every chance you might get it. Look out for signs of increased thirst, hunger, and blurred vision.

But Don’t Worry

But is there any need to be worried? No, of course not. While you could have an illness without even knowing it, so could everybody else. The chances that you have been affected are slim, so there’s no reason to start losing sleep over it. And also no reason at all to start bothering your doctor every time you feel slightly under the weather. Finally, if you do discover one day that you have a condition you didn’t realize you had, then so what? Keep it under control, do what you can to alleviate the symptoms, and then get out there and enjoy your life. Nothing should hold you back from living other than death itself!

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