You might think you’re doing everything right. You eat clean, work out on a daily basis and do everything that the health establishment tells you to do to live and long and disease-free life. You should be slim, healthy and happy right?

Not so fast. It turns out that if you go too extreme on your health kicks, you can actually wind up with some pretty miserable side effects which can totally derail your whole lifestyle change and send you back to your old habits. Here are some examples of when your well-meaning health kicks can backfire.

You Replace Sugary Drinks With Diet Varieties

Sugar is today’s dietary boogeyman: the harbinger of all our health ills if you believe everything the mainstream media says (which you shouldn’t). And so if you’re on a health kick, then the first thing you do is ditch the biggest source of sugar in your diet: soda.

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But ditching sugar and replacing it with artificial sweeteners might not be such a good idea. A study recently came out of the University of Texas suggesting that people who consumed a lot of diet drinks were more likely to be fat than those that didn’t. What gives?

It turns out that the way that diet drinks interact with your body is a lot more complicated than you might expect. No they don’t contain any calories, but because they’re still super sweet, they may cause people to seek out other highly-palatable foods. In other words, sweetened beverages are like a catalyst, supercharging the desire to eat all the wrong things and creating powerful sugar cravings.

You OD On Kale

Kale is the superfood du jour, and for good reason. It’s absolutely jam packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that literally make you live longer. But kale, if not taken in moderation, can have some rather unsightly side effects.

If after a heavy meal of kale you find your diarrhea coming out orange, don’t be surprised. Although kale is green (thanks to the high concentration of chlorophyll in the leaves) it also contains megadoses of beta-carotene, the chemical that makes carrots and sweet potatoes yellow. Downing pint after pint of kale smoothies will, in all likelihood, lead to ghastly, unspeakable happenings next day in the bathroom.

You Do Yoga Until You Have A Blowout

The internet is full of stories of people living to be 115 years old, all thanks to the beneficial, life-affirming effects of yoga. But recently, a new version of yoga has been introduced, called power yoga. According to Michelle Olson, a professor of exercise at Auburn University, power yoga is a challenging type of yoga class, designed to strengthen and tone your muscles. The only problem is that this type of yoga, if done to excess can lead to some very severe problems, including rectal prolapse. Olson says that newbies should go slowly as they’re getting started and test the waters first to avert possible disaster. She says that moves shouldn’t feel painful at any point and that it takes time to graduate to more dynamic poses.

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