Becoming Your Community’s Helping Hand

Communities are built on two things. People and time. People have to put in the work and those efforts become a greater sense of community spirit and goodwill with time. If you want to see your community become a better place, then you have to be willing to offer your effort and your time. And there are a lot of ways you can do that.

Look to the oppressed

We don’t live in an equal world. Some people face boundaries, whether institutional or societal, that make them feel like an other, someone who isn’t welcomed in that community. People of color and people of the LGBTQ community face disadvantages in places where they are a minority. Organizations like GLAAD allow anyone to use their professional capabilities to help support their efforts to stand up for the rights of those disadvantaged in our society.

Look to the alone

You don’t need to face institutional discrimination to be disadvantaged, however. In a lot of cases, all you need is to be alone. Isolation is becoming a greater concern not just because more and more people are finding it hard to be a part of a community. As we live longer, we find ourselves with more elderly people who, over the years, have lost the threads connecting them to human kindness. Volunteering your time and a little help to make their lives easier and more fruitful can make a huge difference in their lives.

Look to those who are struggling

There are those who are having trouble despite their best efforts, as well. Poverty is the greatest inequality in our world and it’s one that looks to be growing. Offer a hand and some help in your own community, but look to the organizations helping low-income families throughout the country, too. They can only do so much by themselves. If you have anything to spare, think about those who need it a lot more than you.

Look to the services that need support

Our emergency services are an important part of keeping our societies safe. But they don’t do it alone. Volunteer firefighters, search and rescue teams, disaster response teams and the like offer a huge help. But they can’t do it from nothing. You can donate equipment like protective gear, emergency vehicle equipment like strobe warning lights and even money that helps them buy helicopter fuel. Without volunteers, our ability to deal with crises will greatly diminish. That leaves a community much more vulnerable to the strife they can bring.

Look to your business

Whether you run a business or work for one, there’s a chance you can offer more just by asking. Many employers offer time off and even compensation for efforts made in volunteering. Meanwhile, local organizations, events, and fundraisers could benefit hugely from the platform, the services, and even the capital a corporate sponsor can offer.

Our communities don’t just become great by themselves. They need people to care about others, enough to find those in need of help and provide how they can. If you really want to see a difference in your world, then go out and be a part of it.

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