Why Vaping’s Healthier Than You’d Think

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ll be pretty aware that vaping, or E-cigarettes have been hitting the headlines pretty regularly. For every expert that says they’re much better for you than tobacco, two others are talking about the ‘evil’ chemicals they contain and scaring everyone silly. Vaping means to inhale the vapor, as there’s technically no smoke, and then blow it out harmlessly into the air. You can try out fun, tasty flavors like banana, apple, coconut and cola in a way that allows adults to enjoy the smoking sensation without risking their health.

It’s (mostly) Nicotine Free

Lots of the e-liquid that’s produced for e-cigarettes and vaporisers contains little to no actual nicotine with less than six milligrammes of nicotine present per one mil. Most seasoned vapers prefer a lower dosage, and it’s only when they make the change from traditional cigarettes to vapor devices that they have higher strengths as it feels more like the real thing. Once they get used to vaping many people realize that the presence of nicotine messes with their chosen flavor, and unlike normal cigarettes, there are tons of Lizard Juice flavored liquids to choose from. Yes, there’s the typical fruity ones but if you’re looking for something a little bit more interesting why not try rum and raisin? Fresh baked cookie dough? Or something that’s called Heisenberg, a strange smurf blue one that tastes minty fresh.

There’s No Cigarette Smoke

Depending on which side of the fence you’re sitting on you’ll either think vaping’s the best thing since sliced bread or a recipe for total disaster. Even though the format hasn’t been around long enough to witness any negative effects of long term usage, early studies have shown e-cigarettes to be substantially better for us. This is due to a lack of actively burning materials as well as far fewer toxic chemicals both in the manufacturing process and what’s absorbed by the user when vaping. Other research has shown that, unlike secondhand smoke, there’s also very little risk to anyone else’s health from vaping either. You don’t necessarily have to leave the room to vape, although it’s always a good idea to ask the permission of non-vapors if you can ‘smoke’ as a common courtesy.

Vaping Can Help You Quit

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While it isn’t yet licensed as a quit smoking product ongoing research reveals that actually once people have made the switch from smoking to vaping, they’re more likely to stop using any product containing nicotine. While cigarettes have a finite amount of life, once you’ve lit one you have to smoke it otherwise it burns out. However, you can happily puff away on your e-cigarette multiple times a day without feeling panicky about running out. Smoking is a somewhat psychological matter so by knowing you don’t need to worry about finishing up a cigarette, shelling out on multiple packs per day or dealing with uncomfortable cravings you’re more likely to feel calmer and in control. This then gives you the chance to step back and think things through clearly as well as giving you the impetus to quit smoking anything for good.

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