Keeping Your Cool While Moving House

Some people may only move a few times in their life; some not at all. You could be a person that moves at least once a year, either for work or personal purposes, or somebody who gets wanderlust a little too often and can’t settle in one place for too long. Whatever your reasoning for moving (or not moving), there is one thing that is always a burden: the hassle of the move.

It is so easy to give up and lose yourself in your move. The stress that comes with it, whether you are renting or buying, can begin to take over and you’ll feel like the day will never end. There are some essential things to do and keep in mind to help you realize that there is an end to all of it … eventually.

Plan Ahead

Make sure that you give yourself enough time to get everything ready, and you know roughly how long on the day it will take to get everything done. As long as you budget your time accordingly, and make a plan for how long everything will last (e.g. how long it will take to load up the van, how long it will take to get there and how long it will take to unpack), everything should run smoothly and actually leave you with a little extra. If you try and cram everything into a couple of hours, there’s little chance that it will all get done and leave you flustered and having to make extra arrangements for the next day, or well into the night.

Get Yourself Organized

Boxes and labels are you friend. If you want to start a color coding system for different rooms, that’s great – you’ll be able to simply pop a colored sticker on the box so you know what room to initially pop it into. But what about the boxes which contain a multitude of different rooms, or contain things that aren’t specific to one place? You’ll need a list on the outside of what’s on the inside. It helps at this point too to make a note all in one place of what’s in each box, and don’t think that you’re saving time by pushing something into one box without noting what the contents are and if it’s heading for the right direction – this can use up more valuable time when you get to the other end. Make sure that you have booked your movers well in advance, and ensure that they know exactly the amount of stuff that needs transporting to the other end. If it ends up being a two-trip journey then this could cost you more if it comes as a surprise to the moving team rather than if they new in advance.

Don’t Leave the Cleaning Until Last

Clean as you go along and you’ll save yourself a bunch of time. All that you should be doing when all the boxes are gone is a quick vacuum of debris left from getting everything together; any more than this and you’re wasting time.

Image by Nathan O’Nions (moving house) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Keeping Your Cool While Moving House 2
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