Stress is often called “the number one silent killer”. Although we can’t exactly prove it, if we take a closer look at the ten leading causes of death worldwide according to WHO (World Health Organization), we can see that chronic stress is associated with six of them. A huge amount of stress accumulates during the day, so it’s very important that once you step foot into your home you are able to relax and gather the energy you need for new challenges. Fortunately, with some thoughtful interior décor moves, you will be able to give your home the Zen it needs.

Use the Color Psychology

There are many people who think color psychology as a modern-day scam. However, color has been attached to our emotions for centuries now. Otherwise, how would you explain idioms like “to feel blue”, “to be green of envy” and “to think pink”? Also, encouraging mental wellness by using different colors has been a practice in many cultures. If you want to put this ancient knowledge to a test try painting your room soft pink (promotes balance), yellow (lifts spirits), green (invites harmony), blue (encourages calmness), violet (promotes inner peace), and white (symbolizes freshness). Also, don’t combine too many colors and patterns. If your goal is to create a peaceful atmosphere, neutral shades are your best tools. Colors to avoid are bright shades like red and orange.

Introduce Soothing Elements

Turning your home into quiet retreat is actually very simple. All you need is a few details that are known for their soothing features. First of them would be scented decorative candles, which are great for setting the mood and improving the ambiance. When choosing scents for your house, make sure you decide for a calming aroma, such as lavender. You can achieve a similar feel with scented sticks too. Playing music you find soothing in the background will do wonders for your mind.

Rich Textures

Layering textures in your home can make it look warmer, more comfortable and thus, more soothing. Are you familiarized with Danish concept of Hygge? It is, among other things, an approach to interior design that includes introducing everything that we associate with coziness into your home. That can be shaggy floor rugs (e.g. sheepskin or faux fur), knitted bed covers, a bunch of throw pillows, etc.

A Reading Nook

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A research done by the University of Sussex claims that even six minutes of reading can be enough to reduce stress levels by more than two thirds. This means that reading is much more efficient in reducing stress than music and other traditional means of relaxation. Have these findings awoken your desire to design a reading nook in your home? Good, your should do that. Other than being great for your mind, reading nook is a beautiful addition to your overall home décor.

Indoor Plants

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A crossover study published in the Journal of Psychological Anthropology proved that interaction with indoor greenery can reduce psychological and physiological stress. Well-placed indoor plants can do wonders for your décor, but also purify the air, relive tension, and help you feel better. Of course, not all plants work the same. Some are difficult for maintaining, which makes caring for them stressful, and some are not very efficient in purifying the air. If you want to make the most out of indoor greenery, consider introducing Aloe plant, English ivy, Rubber tree, Peace lily, Snake plant, Bamboo plant, and Golden pothos.

Home is, by default, considered a safe and happy place, but if you clutter it with bright colors and unnecessary items, you will just continue to pile up the stress you carry until it becomes unbearable. Use these tips to turn your home into what it always supposed to be – a peaceful retreat.

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