The New Utility: 4 Technologies That Are Changing Real Estate

We have carry a device with us that has the entirety of human knowledge in our pockets. We can enter virtual worlds with ease. While flying cars haven’t been put on any assembly lines just yet, it’s safe to say that we are living in the future. So, why are you still using technology of the past to sell homes? It can be assured that your business rivals are using the most up-to-date tech to help their sales.

There is almost no quicker way to drive your real estate business into the ground than to ignore the latest tech trends. In the effort, we’ve compiled a list of the trends that are impacting real estate today in a big way.

360° Video Listing Views

You’ve probably seen them on Facebook or other places on social media. 360° pictures have entered the video scene in a big way and they are completely changing the way real estate agents sell homes. As you might have guessed, a 360° camera will capture much more than a single field of vision, and capable of extreme immersion. You can pan around the picture in a (surprise, surprise) 360° field of view. Up, down, left, right – wherever.

This gives even the most novice of real estate agents the chance to really show off their properties, without having to find the perfect angle. The full field of view allows everyone to experience what the living space actually looks like, without needing to be in the house itself.

Virtual Reality

No, you aren’t living in a sci-fi novel- virtual reality headset are actually here, and only getting better. While this tech mostly exists in the realm of video games, it’s slowly dripping into other the real estate sector and agents are now selling luxury homes in VR.

For the uninitiated, a virtual reality headset immerses the user in a lifelike experience in which their own actual movements are tracked in a three-dimensional world. For real estate, this application can include taking a “virtual tour” of the property and walking the length of the house, without actually being there.

Smart Home Additions

We’re seeing smart technology implemented over a broad range of devices, like our TVs, and now it’s even showing up in our homes. The concept is still relatively new to the average real estate agent and may contain a little stigma for those who don’t understand its application just yet. However, adopting smart-home technology doesn’t really require a hefty investment in expensive solar panels or water conscious plumbing equipment. There are much cheaper, incremental steps that can slowly integrate smart-home technology into a property.

For example, the Nest thermostat is a device that regulates the temperature of a property; it can be accessed via smartphone or tablet and tracks the heating/cooling patterns of patterns of homeowners and guides them in a way that is cost-effective, energy-efficient and convenient. This device comes at a very reasonable $250 price tag.

CRM for Real Estate

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is nothing new – we’ve seen it in huge deployments across the country with products like Salesforce. CRM for real estate is a software-as-a-service application that helps you organize your clients contact information, develop lead generation channels and keep in touch with past clients. You can customize and automate your tasks and workflow in a simple and effective application.

Whether you’re just starting out or you are a seasoned professional, keeping up to date with burgeoning technologies is absolutely essential to the continued growth of your organization.

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