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The legal profession has always been a good career for prospective college students to pursue. Law is a broad field, which offers plenty of opportunities for career advancement. But some fields are more sought after than others. The six listed below are the hottest legal fields every student should consider.

1. Civil Law

The economic downturn has made it difficult to run a business. And when the economy suffers, the number of civil lawsuits filed in the courts rises. Litigation becomes an avenue for businesses and entrepreneurs to recover their losses.

It is also a good way to avoid paying what you owe. This rise in civil litigation has driven up the demand for legal professionals well versed in civil law. So, although businesses are having it rough, times have never been better for civil lawyers.

2. Bankruptcy Law

The economic recession has led to record levels of unemployment. As a result, many people are defaulting on their financial obligations. They cannot afford to pay their mortgages or debts and have to file for bankruptcy.

Entrepreneurs are incurring massive losses and need legal protection from creditors. And filing for bankruptcy is the only way to get this protection. All of these factors have made bankruptcy law one of the fastest growing legal fields today.

3. Employment Law

To survive the declining economic environment, businesses are downsizing and laying-off workers. But, unfortunately, finding a job is difficult today. A lay-off means financial ruin for many people. So, laid-off workers are taking their employers to court.

They will not take the prospect of financial ruin lying down. And since both parties in such a case need legal representation, employment lawyers are in high demand.

4. Foreclosure Law

At the height of the recession, there were as many as 10,000 foreclosures in the US every day. Behind this foreclosure epidemic was a combination of punitive fees and outdated laws. Homeowners struggling to remain above water had no choice but to foreclose.

But the foreclosure process is complicated. So to navigate it, they sought legal advice, which in turn led to an unprecedented growth of foreclosure law.

5. Environmental Law

Never has there been an awareness of environmental issues like there is today. Issues like climate change, greenhouse emissions, clean and renewable energy, and more, are hot topics. There are now laws to push manufacturers into going green. The automobile industry with its strict emission caps is a good example. And to adhere to environmental regulations, manufacturers need environmental attorneys.

6. Tax Law

Governments, federal, state or local, need taxes to operate. And few of them take tax evasion kindly. Tax compliance is not only mandatory – it makes good sense for businesses and individuals. You will also avoid landing in jail for tax evasion.

But efiling tax returns is never easy. You need the services of a lawyer with a tax law or tax LLM degree to get them done right. Since everyone needs a tax lawyer at some point, students are flocking to pursue the top tax LLM programs they can find.

The broadness of the legal field can make selecting a path to follow difficult. For instance, do you pursue tax law or environmental law? Such questions face every prospective attorney. But to answer the question above: pursue both. Also pursue civil, foreclosure, employment, bankruptcy law. These are currently the hottest legal fields in the industry.

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