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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the digital world of business, we need to be sure that we can protect our information in whatever way we can. This doesn’t just apply to the technology, although that is a very important aspect that we need to protect. The potential for data theft is higher now than it ever has been before. The vast majority of crimes committed in the world are now done by a computer rather than the more conventional methods that we are used to. We need to be more protective over our data than we ever have before. How can this be achieved, inside and outside of our computers?

The idea of communicating good working practices is something that should be embedded into every single industry. The UK Data Protection Act was originally started in 1984 (and updated in 1998) to make sure that companies do what they can to keep public and sensitive information as safe as possible. One of the main rules is that companies must make sure that data is disposed of safely and lawfully. We need to be making sure that our staff is doing what they can to minimize the amount of data being left out in the open, whether this is by locking our computer screens whenever we leave our desks, putting paper information in a designated bin, or by putting away our documents in a locked cabinet. These are all things we can do to protect our information. There has been a big focus on companies that lose data, because it is now, unfortunately, happening too much. Businesses are being fined for losing information, and not only will it cost you money if you are not vigilant with how you protect your data, but you will not be seen as a reputable business. You will, therefore, lose valuable custom and, more importantly, trust.

While communication in your company needs to be running at optimum, your software needs to be also. As the amount of cybercrimes and viruses are increasing day by day, you need to have your IT team keep up to speed in this, and also have the best software for fighting these problems. Antivirus software will protect you from problems such as attachments from a questionable source, identity theft, and also help to school your employees in what is a suspect package or not. There are also data disaster recovery solutions that can be put into place that will protect your business if you have a mass data loss. Something as extreme as that can put a company into very hot water, and with the likelihood of it happening to any size business, not just the large ones, you may wish to think about how best to implement a way to recover your data.

The skill of being vigilant in tandem with the best software and equipment will mean that your company is doing all it can to protect itself from the most questionable of sources. By having each member of staff understand their own impact on the company, it will encourage resourcefulness.

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