Causes Of The Big C

No one likes to talk about cancer, but it is very important that we do. By opening up a lot more, we can help people get their symptoms checked over to see whether they do in fact have cancer. And that’s not all. An increased awareness of the causes of the disease has been shown to help people better protect themselves from this serious condition. Not too sure what causes the Big C? Here are some very common causes.


Smoking is one of the major causes of lung, mouth, and throat cancers. The reason for this is that the smoke from tobacco contains a lot of different dangerous toxins and chemicals. Even though some people think that smoking low-tar or filter cigarettes help to reduce their chance of developing cancer, there is actually little scientific evidence that backs up this theory. Therefore, it’s a good idea to just quit smoking altogether. Once you do, you will be helping your body prevent cancer, and will also feel an improvement in your overall health.


It is estimated that one in twenty cases of cancer are linked to weight. That is because all the extra fat that the body has to carry around can have a harmful effect on someone’s health and body. For example, when we are overweight the body has to produce extra hormones and chemicals to ensure that the cells continue to work efficiently with all the extra fat around them. And sometimes, these chemicals and hormones result in a cancerous cell developing. This can then spread around the body. So if you think that you are currently carrying a few extra pounds, it is a good idea to review your diet and fitness to try and lose some weight.

Hazards at Work

It is also important to watch out for common causes of cancer that are found in certain workplaces. For instance, if you work in a manufacturing role, you may come into contact with the chemical benzene. This is found in the smoke that is produced during the production of rubbers, drugs, and dyes. If you feel that you have been ill because of being in contact with this chemical, you should consider speaking to a lawyer about filing a benzene lawsuit.


Do you enjoy a large glass of wine after a busy day at work? If so, you might want to start to rethink this way of relaxing. That’s because a lot of scientific studies now show that there is a strong link between alcohol and cancer. It doesn’t matter what type of alcohol you drink – it all has the same effect. Many scientists believe that around 4% of cancers that are diagnosed are caused by alcohol. For this reason, it is highly recommended that we all cut down our alcohol intake, and even try long periods of not drinking, such as Dry January.

At the end of the day, there is no way of completely preventing cancer. But being aware of the above causes should help you stay healthy.

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