Hole In One Choices For Upgrading Your Golf Gear

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very sport in existence needs the right equipment to play – whether it’s shorts, a set of clubs or a determined mindset – if you’re unprepared, then you won’t be playing well.

Good golf gear can make a heck of a difference for you in terms of your play. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time at the course or if you’re a regular around the holes – having the right gear can make the difference between a great day out or a frustrating day at the resort.

First off, you need clubs. Exactly how are you going to hit a golf ball without clubs? You don’t need to re-mortgage your house, to begin with – just build a small basic collection and improvements when necessary. Of course, every golfer is going to need golf bags of some sort to store all this gear in.

Also, don’t forget to pack golf tees – these are the small pegs used to hold up the ball off of the grass so you can actually hit the golf ball. You’re going to need a single new tee each time you have a tee shot, so get a few. If you’re conscious of the environment, you can pick up some recycled ones!

Gloves are going to help you as well. This gives you a solid grip on the club despite the best efforts of the weather. A glove is going to prevent blisters and increase control on the club – make sure it fits tightly, but isn’t uncomfortable. The same goes for golf shoes – these will help you keep your footing with the small plastic spikes on the soles. A towel will help keep your club dry as well, which is always a good idea, and you can wipe down your golf ball if it picks up grass.

A divot repair tool is an absolute essential – it’s a small two-pronged fork that will repair the damage you cause to the course through your golf balls and will smooth the dents left by landing balls. It’s a big part of golf, etiquette and a divot repair tool will make sure you can be as polite as possible when playing a round.

Clothes are important on the range as A – you can’t golf naked and B – the weather can cause some issues. Some courses do have dress codes as well! You can’t go wrong with trousers and a collared shirt – just make sure you have some breathable fabrics to help with sweat – a hat will also keep the sun off of your head.

Golf is a fascinating sport, and there’s no end to the gear you can use. From clubs to balls there will always be new gear, so keep your eye out and select the pieces that will add to your game. There’s some real high tech golf gear around the corner, just make sure you can hit a ball before you splash out!

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