For the Love of Music

Do you know the one thing that coders share with musicians? The love for music. According to various studies, a lot of musicians studied to become programmers. The same set of studies also reveal that a love for music and proficiency in playing an instrument can help programmers be more creative and better at finding solutions. The extra boost in creativity is a huge plus, especially in today’s competitive market. The link between coding and music goes beyond these simple connections, too.

Collaborative Abilities

Music is usually played together; it is also often enjoyed together. The nature of music makes it the perfect way to train coders’ ability to work together in a team. Many tech startups are adding a music room – or already have one – for this very reason.

As more team members play music together, their ability to bond and work together increases as well. It doesn’t just stop at collaborative abilities, either. Those who can jam together and be in sync are more likely to complete each other in a problem-solving scenario.

The results are clear. Music makes coders better at tackling even the biggest of challenges. In fact, further studies suggest that those who share the same love for music are more capable in working on different parts of a project separately and later combining those parts successfully.

Simple and Easy to Pick Up

Music isn’t always about playing instruments. If you love listening to the latest tracks, for example, you have that same love for the art. Some prefer genres such as jazz and orchestra, while others simply enjoy having music playing in the background when working. All of these are perfectly okay. Even better, these different approaches can lead to the same creative boost we are all after.

Some programmers – mainly those who have reached a certain point in life – revisit their passion for music. Online universities such as Rutgers Online now have music programs you can take from the comfort of your office. You can study for an online MMME degree – a degree in music education – and explore the world of music you once left behind.

The online master of music in music education program itself is great for expanding a few other skills, such as the ability to think outside the box and connect better with other people. It is a particularly popular program in the industry.

More Benefits to Enjoy

The most important advantage of them all, however, is the relaxing nature of music. Coding can be very challenging, especially when you start running into bugs and big issues. Having the songs you like playing in the background is often more than enough to help improve the flow of thinking. It can also help keep stress levels at a minimum.

With all of these benefits to enjoy, having a strong love for music is a good thing indeed. What type of music do you like? Do you play any instrument? Be sure to leave your stories in the Comments section below.

For the Love of Music 2
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