The Hidden Problems That Surface After a Large Vehicle Collision

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get inside of the mind of someone that drives public transportation? Whether it’s a subway train or a large bus, we get the impression that these jobs are well-paying but incredibly boring. After all, who wants to drive the same route every day? Especially those subway drivers that stare at black tunnels for several hours a day.

Unfortunately, being in control of such a large vehicle can be incredibly stressful and tiring. For starters, the people that come onto the public transport vehicle can be incredibly obnoxious and loud, making it difficult for them to do their jobs. Driving a large vehicle also requires a special set of skills, but the worst case scenario has to be a collision.

Be it a bus, tractor or van, large vehicle collisions are never pretty. The extreme weight and force behind a large vehicle are enough to completely crush a family car along with the passengers inside of it. Even just a bump or graze is enough to completely wreck a car, and even if your large vehicle doesn’t move, a car that misses or doesn’t see you could collide with your vehicle. You probably won’t feel a thing in your bulky vehicle, but they certainly will.

Delayed Injuries

When you’re victim to a vehicle collision, you might experience delayed painful effects. This is because the adrenaline that pumps through our system during a crash is enough to take the pain away and make us forget about the injuries we experience. Swelling and other pains might also appear later than you’d expect because they take some time to develop. If you’ve been in a collision regardless of if it was small or violent, it’s never a bad idea to get checked up.

Insurance and Lawyers

Due to the various papers and licenses that are required to drive a bulky vehicle, it makes the insurance claim process much more difficult. Not only do you have to gather everyone’s phone numbers and license plates, but the history of a driver also has to be considered when making an insurance claim. There are specialized people, such as tractor trailer lawyers, that can specialize in collecting and processing this information at a quicker pace, but ultimately it means that the entire process takes longer than it should and becomes more stressful than you’d imagine.

Mental Trauma

Even if you aren’t the reason for a fatal accident, it’s impossible not to feel guilty for it. For example, if you stopped at a red traffic light in a large truck and a vehicle from behind failed to see that you stopped and crashed into you, causing a death or serious injuries, then it’s not your fault because you were just obeying the traffic light. Unfortunately, because of the immense size of your vehicle, you might feel like you’re to blame for being there in the first place. These types of thoughts can cause depression and might lead into long-lasting mental problems if not treated properly.

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The Hidden Problems That Surface After a Large Vehicle Collision 2
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