The Benefits of Alternative Medicine

We all hear about different ways to heal our bodies and our minds through alternative medicine, but most of us have doubts over its validity. After all we live in a world of science and a lot of us leave very little room for spirituality into our lives as we feel that it simply won’t work. However, even science can recognize the benefits of a placebo effect, and in fact we have seen people getting cured without the traditional medication and drugs prescribed by the health system. There is more to alternative medicine than we might think.

Mind over matter

Feeling good relies on our bodies as much as our mind’s ability to cope with pain. Some people feel more pain because they are constantly focusing on it, whilst others are able to take their minds somewhere else and make-do without that pain for long stretches of time. The truth is that there is ever so much pain killers can actually do for us. Not enough of them and you still feel the pain, too much of them and you stop functioning altogether. There is therefore a need for our minds to find ways to cope with our pain, we just need to find what techniques to use and how to use them.

The energies around us

Not everything is about our body, we can also look at the environment around us as a cause for our ill feelings and pains. Working in a stressful environment with people constantly rushing and shouting can really take a toll on our bodies; and the same goes for living in a stressed-out family setting. Certain treatments like Qi treatment deals with clearing out our body and our environment of those negative energies. The Master Oh BlogSpot delves deeper into this practice, and you can also check his Facebook for more information on the principles behind Qi treatment.

Herbal treatments

Herbal treatments are often associated with traditional Chinese medicine, but many other countries use herbs for the treatment of diseases and illnesses. This is because just like traditional medicine, certain herbs have scientific properties that help curing specific illnesses and injuries. Some herbs like chamomile are know to help with relaxation and inflammation; and this is just one example. Herbs don’t always need to be turned into creams and tablets to do their jobs, so you might consider approaching those against certain chemicals with known side-effects.

Improve our minds

There are also other alternatives to medicine such as meditation and yoga. Whilst those do not aim at curing diseases, bringing our minds to a better place can help reduce stress and anxiety. This in turns helps with our bodies feeling better, helping with injury recovery and long term health conditions. Basically the bottom line is that the mind and the body are part of the same organism and they both complement each other. When you are recovering from illness, you need both your mind and your body to feel better. A lot of alternative medicine focuses on the mind, and we find that it works for a lot of people. Ideally you will look at treatments for your body to feel better and you mind to feel at peace, then you will tremendously increase your chances of recovery and feeling better once again.

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