4 Apps for Improving Personal Health

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s difficult to fit a healthy routine into today’s breakneck pace of life, but taking care of your body and mind is easier when you have the right technology at your fingertips. You can head to an Android tech source such as Android Headlines to learn about health apps and more. Also be sure to check out the following apps that could do wonders for your personal health.


For years, MyFitnessPal has been one of the quintessential apps for calorie counting. It has an enormous database that contains millions of foods, and you can enter your own foods, too. This free app also helps you keep track of your exercise and weight. The informative blog articles, along with the MyFitnessPal community, come together to motivate you to move toward your health goals. MyFitnessPal is free and is compatible with all major smartphone operating systems.

BG Monitor Diabetes

If you or someone in your family is diabetic — or even prediabetic — you have reason to take a look at BG Monitor Diabetes, which Healthline named as one of the best diabetes apps of 2016. A user-friendly interface combines with intuitive features to help you keep track of all your important data, such as how much insulin you need and your blood glucose levels.

Of course, this Android app also helps you keep tabs on what you’re eating. When you’re in a hurry or out with friends and don’t want to take the time to record your meals, the app lets you photo tag your food so you can note the details later.


Calm is an app for Android and iOS that is designed to help you step away from the cares of daily life and achieve that all-important peace of mind. It features guided meditation sessions of varying lengths, and there are programs that are suitable for beginners and meditation experts alike. There are also soothing nature scenes and sounds, adult bedtime stories to lull you to sleep, and a tracker that encourages you to keep up with your daily mindfulness routine.

The meditation categories cover pretty much everything, from anxiety to forgiveness. There are also walking meditation programs that will enable you to combine your workout with your mindfulness.


When you’ve got the sniffles or you’re experiencing other symptoms, it never hurts to have a quick and reliable health resource within reach. The WebMD app makes it easy for you to research your symptoms, find reliable first aid guidance, get information about various medical conditions, and learn about drugs and supplements.

You can personalize the app by saving lists of your favorite articles and information. It is easy to navigate, too, thanks to a voice search feature and other tools that put the world of medical information at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a certified health nut or you’re just beginning on your journey to personal wellness, the right apps can make your life easier and more convenient. Download the above tools to help you feel better in your mind, body, and soul.

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