The popularity that comes with video gaming has led to tremendous technological advancements within the industry. The market has several types of video games and the genre still experiences rapid expansion. The main difference between one video game and another is the form of interaction, category, and gameplay. However, you may come across some games that closely resemble other video games. The main thing that differentiates one video game from the other is the way you play and interact with the game. You can classify video games in various genres, and each category records new developments owing to the fast moving technological advancements.


Action games are the basic form of video gaming. As a gamer, you must use your timing and reflex capacity during these games. Most modern video games are from popular action movies. A perfect example of action video games is the Tron: Evolution Video Game. It has stunning graphics, a dark depiction of the science fiction universe, and dazzling neon colors. This game provides visual satisfaction to the gamer as it creates the grid of motion picture.


These gameplays use certain characteristics that are in the video game. An excellent example of this genre is the special edition review of the Secret on Monkey Island. The game comprises of the whimsical and wit adventure. The clever puzzles, memorable characters and sabre-sharp writing of this game have made it classical. The Metal Gear Solid 3 is another perfect example of adventure video games. The game has some features from the original Metal Gear and Solid Snake.

Role Playing Games

Role playing games for PC has developed a strong niche in this industry. A perfect example is the Fable III which features a new hero and has industrial age setting. The destiny of this new hero is to create a revolution by overthrowing the king and taking over the throne. Another example is the Final Fantasy XI online that most generation of gamers enjoys.


This gaming genre brings out the planning and thinking ability of the gamer. The genre comprises of real-time strategy games (RTS) and the non-real-time strategy games. One of the best examples of this genre is the StarCraft II. This video game depicts the supremacy for proportion battle of the 26th century. It’s among the online games that make use of live action cut scenes to engage players on real time basis.


In this game, the player has to drive a supercar with the goal of winning the race. The racing genre is the pioneer of all video games. The most famous example is the Burnout: Revenge that falls in the Burnout series of games. Some of the racing games allow you to play in different types of modes.


There are several forms of video games that you can find in the market. Some of them include action, adventure, role playing, strategy and racing. Each genre meets the specific gaming needs of a particular target group. You need to identify the best video games that will grant you an excellent playing experience.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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