5 Companies Doing Landing Pages Right

Landing pages are designed to turn visitors into leads and customers. Of course, to achieve this goal you have to create landing pages with conversions in mind.

Fortunately, there are quite a few companies that have fantastic landing pages to learn from. Each page is customized to their own brand and business goals. Great landing pages are made up of great copy, design, content, and calls to action.

Check out these great examples so you can create your own successful landing pages. Remember, only time and testing will help you increase your conversion rates, but following these examples is a great way to get started.

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Shopify is an ecommerce site builder, hosted platform and more. Its trial landing page is simple, but packed with conversion-increasing details.

First, the tagline invokes some serious social credit in boasting that 275,000 businesses use the platform. Each of the following bullet points address a concern a potential user may have, including the starting price, ease of use, and security.

You can also see additional credibility cues in the footer, showing the prospect that it has been featured in the New York Times, TechCrunch, Mashable, and other big media outlets. The call to action only requires an email address, so users can start their free trial quickly.

Finally, the image used helps to humanize the experience. A smiling face looking directly at the user has been shown to increase conversions. Now that’s something to smile about!


Lyft is the crowd-sourced taxi-on-demand service rival to Uber. They’ve done a great job in segmenting their prospective drivers with a targeted landing page. The landing page is built around the prospective driver’s key interest: earning money.

First, prospects can calculate how much they can make according to how many hours they’d like to earn. From there, a second call-to-action is presented to the prospect to “Apply Now.” This way, drivers are separated into groups based on those who are interested and those who are ready to sign up.

Zen Desk

Zen Desk is a customer service management platform designed to help users find some peace of mind. Its landing page reflects the simplicity of the brand with lots of white space and straightforward copy.

The form is simple, only requiring a user to enter their email and password. A Google account login is also offered, which creates an avenue with even less friction for page visitors to take the next step.


Breather offers on-demand work spaces in select locations, for example, San Francisco. Other, non-location landing pages from Breather immediately and succinctly lets the user know what the service is, sometimes followed by a choice of locations, other times through a host of easy-to-digest features and/or benefits. It also uses location services to identify possible options nearby. The white space and page design are also aligned with the brand: spacious and breathable.


It’s no surprise that Unbounce — a landing page builder — is using a great landing page strategy. They’ve literally written the book on creating landing pages that convert.

Above the fold, the copy is direct, the call to action is supported by subtle visual cues, and the images display examples of the products. Beneath the fold, there is heavy content for those that need additional information before they convert.

If you choose to provide more content on your landing page, the key is on how you package it. Use content blocks, bullet points, and other elements that make the page more skimmable. Plus, including more content will give you an SEO boost.

Follow these companies’ examples with your landing pages and you’ll see your own conversion rates skyrocket.

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