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If you have a passion for music and you want to turn that passion into a creative skill. You can learn to sing better, for which there are plenty of lessons online. There are other tutorials for producing and mixing music digitally. Then there’s the journey of mastering an instrument. We call it a journey because it’s a long process and it’s one that involves a great many different paths. Here, however, we’re going to look at some of the paths you should be taking that can give you the best start you could ask for.

Learn the basics of music

There are a lot of different instruments you can choose to make your weapon of choice. However, a lot of musicians will agree that there’s one instrument in particular that can help you learn just about any other. It can help you understand music better, as well as help you find the notes you need to write pieces. Keyboards and pianos are some of the most versatile instruments there are. It’s not essential to learn how to play the keyboard, but it can provide you with the basic skills that can help you understand the music of any other instrument.

Get reading

That understanding of music isn’t only built through playing, either. The chances are that you don’t have the perfect pitch that can help you understand all music just by listening to it. So, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with how to learn different pieces faster by learning how to read them. Reading them a note at a time isn’t the most efficient way to learn them, either. While you learn individual songs, become familiar with different rhythms, with different key signatures, and knowing your scales like the back of your hand. The more you apply these lessons, the easier it becomes to learn new pieces much quicker. Otherwise, you’re taking the long way every time. Sight reading, as suggested in makes it a lot quicker.

Get the right equipment for the right sound

You undoubtedly have some idea of the style of music you want to play. It’s likely going to have some kind of influence from the kinds of music you like to listen to. There’s nothing wrong with starting out that way and continuing to enjoy listening to other musicians’ pieces for a long time after you started. Depending on those choices, you’re going to need different pieces of equipment. It’s a good idea to take the time to experiment with different instruments in music stores. Especially for instruments as versatile as guitars, it’s a good idea to use guides like to get directions on where to start your search. As you go on to specialize your sound further, distortion and effects can be the next place to build.

Repeat, repeat and repeat

Understanding the basics of music and how to read it are essential for most people to learn how to properly write music. But the actual performance aspect of it is just as important. It’s a simple point, but the most effective way to learn better performance is to just practice and practice and practice. Learning how to play music without notation and through pure memorization doesn’t have to conflict with a growing knowledge of how to read music. They complement different skills. Intellectual skills are complemented by reading and understanding. But physical skills are just as important if you want to be able to play to the limits of your instrument. Everything physical requires muscle memory, which means you need memorization on your side.

Get involved in the community

No-one can be truly creative in a vacuum. There’s some dialogue to be had with your old favorites, through listening and learning music deeper than you have before. But it’s a good idea to have those you can pair up with to really explore the strengths and weaknesses of your music. A different perspective can always be a helpful thing. Music is entirely subjective and you don’t have to agree with what anyone says. But it’s a good idea to be open to critique and analysis. Communities like can help you better find your sound than you
might be able to on your own.

Having an idea of what you want your music to be and finding the right ways to grow that style is important. Don’t be afraid if you feel like you’re riffing off others, to begin with. Inspiration starts with imitation for a lot of people and grows into its own thing over time.

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