Beginner YouTube Tips For New For All Novice Vloggers

Are you interested in taking up vlogging as a new hobby for 2017? There has never been a better time to start creating your own vlogs. There are thousands of YouTube users waiting to find cool new video blogs to subscribe to, and the more subscribers you get, the easier it will be to monetize your YouTube channel and earn some serious cash! Not too sure how to get into vlogging, though? No problem; all of the following tips will help even the most novice vlogger create fantastic videos and grow their audience.

Work On Your Editing Skills

All good vloggers know when to hit the delete button and get rid of certain segments of their videos. Sure, your audience will want you to be as honest and open as possible. However, there are some things that you shouldn’t share. So after you have filmed yourself chatting on camera, leave it for a couple of hours before you go back to it. Watching it with fresh eyes can help you figure out if there is anything that you should take out. For instance, get rid of any parts in which you are oversharing. You will also need to edit out any bits in which you fluff your lines!

Post Consistently

You will need to post your videos regularly at first so that you can quickly build up your audience and viewers. At the very least, you need to aim and post a new video once a week. Once you establish your own YouTube channel and have a lot of viewers, you may want to increase this. You should also be consistent with your content. For instance, if you are a beauty blog, don’t start posting the odd cookery video as this will confuse your audience. If you start posting videos that your audience doesn’t expect, your subscriber count may suffer:

Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Vloggers

When you join YouTube and start sharing your videos, you may find that you continually compare yourself to your fellow vloggers. There will always be some channels and video bloggers that are more popular than you and your channel. That’s probably only because the vloggers are a lot more experienced than you. It’s not because your work is no good. Comparing yourself to others will only fill your head with doubt and worry. So stop watching what others are doing and focus on your own work.

Study Movies

Are you completely new to being in front of the camera? If so, you will find it extremely useful to study movies to see how actors use the camera to make the most of their time on screen. While you are watching the movie, try and figure out how the camera shots affect the overall feel of the film as well. You will be able to take tips for your own videos! If you aren’t sure what to watch, here is some great inspiration from one of Hollywood’s best directors:

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Beginner YouTube Tips For New For All Novice Vloggers 2
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