4 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

The Internet of Things is transforming how we interact with the world around us. Everyday appliances, tools, and consumer items are now smart devices. Though you may still think in terms of smartphones or smart watches when it comes to Internet connectivity, the truth is that we now live in a “smart” ecosystem – and this is just as true for our homes as it is for the office. For many Americans, the smart home is now a reality. If you’re looking to upgrade your house or apartment, here are four ways to turn your normal home into a “smart” home.

1. Smart TV

If you have a wireless Wi-Fi router, then your home is ready to become a smart home. Yes, it really is that simple. Now you can start connecting various “smart” devices to the Internet to unleash their potential. Perhaps the easiest place to start is your television.

With smart televisions becoming commonplace, purchasing one is not only a simple affair, but may be more affordable than you realize. Some of the top choices include a Sony Android TV or a Samsung TV. Here’s why you may want to consider purchasing one of these products.

A smart TV lets you browse the Internet, check your email, watch YouTube, view movies and television on streaming services like Netflix, and even check out social media content. In simple terms, a smart TV has the potential to all but replace your desktop computer (certainly for media viewing, anyway). Considering many of us use our phones and tablets for media consumption and social networking, the television brings the experience to life in all new ways.

2. Smart Refrigerator

The connected kitchen puts your refrigerator and oven right at your fingertips. With a smart refrigerator, like the LG SmartThinQ, you can receive alerts when it’s time to replace a water filter or air filter, make ice right from your smartphone, and adjust and monitor fridge and freezer temperatures on the go. Some smart refrigerators, like the Samsung FamilyHub, even have a touchscreen that allows you to browse through apps, manage your groceries, view social content, and listen to music.

With the kitchen as the social hub of many homes, it just makes sense to have one that’s “connected.” Ultimately, a smart kitchen is a more livable and inviting kitchen. It allows the entire family to hang out in one place and still have access to media and the Internet. With a smart refrigerator that keeps track of your groceries, you’ll never be out of an ingredient again.

LG Smart Refrigerator

3. Nest Thermostat

When it comes to smart thermostats, it’s safe to say that the list begins and ends with Nest. With a Nest Thermostat you can do so much more than simply adjust the temperature. The Nest actually learns your user habits so that it can adjust the temperature automatically. This helps not only reduce energy and save fuel, but in the end, will save you money as well. On average, you can earn your money back in just two years.

The Nest is also incredibly easy to use. The temperature is easily adjusted with a large ring on the outer perimeter of the device, and the bright digital display makes it easy to see what temperature you are selecting (or which temperature the home is currently at). Use the Nest for several consecutive days after unboxing it and the device’s artificial intelligence will learn your habits and start putting together a schedule, automatically. Nest even knows when you’re out of the house. It tracks you by your smartphone, using the Nest mobile app (which also allows you to adjust your thermostat from your phone). With Nest (or a comparable smart thermostat), your home thinks for itself.

Nest Thermostat

4. Wireless Home Automation Systems

The final piece in any smart home is a home automation security system. Wireless home automation systems from companies like ADT provide safety and peace of mind because it enables people to monitor and manage their homes remotely.

For example, with home automation you don’t have to worry if you forgot to lock a door – you can do so from your phone. And if you leave the kids or pets at home, you can keep an eye on them with your home’s security cameras. You can also see who’s at the door, whether you’re home or not, and even tell the delivery guy to leave the package on the door through the PA system, should you have one installed.

Ultimately, the scope of your smart home; it can be as robust or simple as you want it to be. But it all comes down to Internet connectivity. With a smart home automation security system, you can monitor and manage your home from anywhere, right from your smartphone or tablet. This is the ultimate benefit of wireless home automation systems – they put you in control no matter where you are.

4 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home 3
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4 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home 7

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