Business Success: How Technology Can Help Boost Company Rankings

Your business success depends on a number of factors. One of the most important factors is how effectively your website is drawing customers. You understand as a business owner that if your customers are having difficulty in using the tools and applications on your website that you lose business. Equally important is the fact that your customers may not even be aware that your company exists.

Customer Awareness-The Core Processes

Before you can even think about promoting your products and services, you must take care of your IT infrastructure. The core processes include the platform where you will run the appropriate applications and the many operating features you need to capture customer data. Once you have set up your website, you’ll need to secure your network. This is an important component to set in place before you set up SEO and content. Network management through professionals such as those with Ottawa network management groups can help you with setting up these core processes.

Customer Buy In- The “Hook” That Draws Customers

Google ranks over 200 factors that affect customer awareness and buy-in of your products and services. Every marketer and salesperson knows that in order to attract customers to your website you must utilize the following technological tools and applications:

  • Domain and business listings-It is important for businesses to set up domain names that accurately draw customers to their websites.
  • Content Management-WordPress is a popular content management platform for companies to use.
  • SEO Tools-This set of tools includes Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner and other applications that track customer reactions to your website.
  • Email marketing applications-MailChimp is an email marketing service that helps companies send out promotional material.
  • CRM software and applications

Customer Maintenance-Retaining and Keeping Customers Happy

As important as it is to make customers aware of your products and services, it is equally important to maintain your presence and your company’s good reputation. Your customers need to know that you’re there for them. Regular maintenance and monitoring of your website and computer network will help increase your company’s rankings on Google and other search engines.

Broken links, unworkable applications and unresolved complaints contribute to poor company rankings. The solution is to hire an IT support company that can monitor and fix issues that come up with your network. This will increase your rankings and help maintain your good customer relationships.

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